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#188 Larry Cohen

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Gilbert and Frank welcome (finally!) oft-discussed maverick filmmaker Larry Cohen ("It's Alive," "The Stuff," "Hell Up in Harlem"), who talks about his early days as a standup comic, his friendship with Alfred Hitchcock, the risks and rewards of "guerrilla moviemaking" and the new documentary about his life and career, "King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen." Also, Chuck Connors blows the whistle, Robert De Niro dons a yarmulke, Bette Davis stages a "comeback" and John Belushi babysits Broderick Crawford. PLUS: "Q, the Winged Serpent"! Revisiting "Coronet Blue"! John Wayne tosses out the script! The Coen Brothers pay "tribute" to "Branded"! And Larry remembers the legendary Samuel Z. Arkoff!

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