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Episode 3 — Sassy Baby

Earwolf Admin's Photo Earwolf Admin 23 Nov 2011

It's time once more for improv4humans! Our human guests this week are the always funny Chad Carter, the ultra talented Joe Wengert, and the definitely-not-an-alien Charlie Sanders. As always, you can keep up with Matt on Twitter@MattBesser- and if you like the music you heard this week, check outBobby MatthewsandDragoon.


Nate Condor's Photo Nate Condor 23 Nov 2011

After only two episodes, improv4humans has shot right to the top tier of my favorite podcasts. Thank you, Matt and friends, for doing this--I can't wait to listen to this new one. I just wanted to say, though, that I'm bummed that they seem to be getting shorter with each episode! I hope this isn't on purpose because I could easily listen to you guys do this for a full hour every week and I suspect other listeners feel the same.

Anyway, I'm seriously in love with what you are doing here. It tickles a part of my brain that I feel like hasn't been used since the UCB tv show got canceled. Hope the show keeps going for a long time,