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Episode 326 - Lana Del Rey's New Hit Song

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Don Fanelli and Laura Willcox join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They perform scenes about PTSD after a bomb cyclone, Don’s mom’s obsession with the soundtrack from The Holiday, and a complicated audition for a Dr. Scholl’s ad. Plus, Lana Del Rey debuts a new song with a familiar tune, and a coffee mug slogan writer goes in for his big pitch.


(1:11 - 14:08) Intro Story - Matty B raps - Matty B needs to bring babies on stage with him to appear older


(14:09 - 23:02) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Laura’s Florida relative had a bad time sledding - Buddy has PTSD after losing fingers from his glove during the bomb cyclone


(24:10 - 32:21) Twitter Suggestion - Violin - Don’s mom uses The Holiday soundtrack to accompany her life


(32:22 - 39:41) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Watching Dunkirk on an airplane - Airplane passengers find every reason not to turn off Dunkirk during the flight


(39:42 - 44:30) Lets Talk Some More About That - Plane ticket prices inflated - Airline ticket counter can’t find the correct Los Angeles


(44:31 - 54:09) Question from Listener - “Do you have any personal rituals at home that are hard to explain to roommates or spouses?” - Don attends an extremely complex and difficult audition for a Dr. Scholls ad


(54:10 - 1:03:12) What the Fuck is Going On - Lana Del Rey stealing Creep - Lana Del Rey debuts a new song “Happy Earth Day”


(1:03:13 - 1:07:46) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Who hates social media? - Laura accidentally tripped an algorithm that causes people to come up to her and let her know who is tweeting


(1:07:47 - 1:24:58) Crap on YouTube - “New Coffee Cup Design” - Coffee cup slogan designer makes his big pitch

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Superb episode!!! Awesome chemistry. Don... I just love him. I've watched every youtube of his improv team "Fuck That Shit", and I cackle with laughter. Thanks to all.... I4H has been on a roll the last few weeks, in my opinion. When the magic is happening it all just seems to flow.

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@tittefan420 agreed!


My fav episodes tend to have high-chemistry talent such as Tarver/Lippert or Gemberling/Ozeri/Pally/etc.

I also loved Besser/Shneider and the Armen/Besser episodes.


The more I think about it, the smaller-cast eps are usually pretty great too.


Keep em comin Matty B!

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I am super delayed on commenting on this but I genuinely laughed so hard. The timing with music! The callbacks, the knee skinning! OMG. This was amazing.

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