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Episode 330 - Cereal Straw

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Gavin Speiller, Dannah Phirman, and Chad Carter join Matt Besser this week for scenes about a new friend that can’t get acknowledged, a man who won’t use any toilet but his own, and the theft of a neighbor’s BarkBox. Plus, a cafe goer demands a cereal straw for his milk, a mobile game gets in the way of a funeral, and a breast-exam rap group takes a closer look at their lyrics.



(0:00-8:58) Intro Discussion- ‘Introducing yourself’- A new acquaintance struggles to get acknowledged

(9:01-13:40) Facebook Suggestion- ‘Clemency’- A skeptical crowd at a magic show demands to see real magic

(13:48-19:44) Question from Listeners- ‘What is Your Most Memorable Breakfast Experience?’- Woman who doesn’t want her family to get dirty while camping.

(19:55-26:37) Let’s Talk Some More About That- ‘Clemency’- A man who cannot use any toilet but his own

(26:49-33:45) Questions from Listeners- ‘Have You Ever Stolen Something from Someone’s House?’- A man is confronted after the theft of his neighbors Bark Box.

(33:56-46:55) Intern on the Street Interview- ‘Tell Me About Your Dogs’- A woman tries to convince her assistant that her dog can speak.

(47:03-58:10) Crap on YouTube- ‘Froot Loops Cereal Straws’- A man at a café demands cereal straws for his milk.

(58:23-1:05:57) Questions from Listeners- ‘What Was the Last Thing You Gave Up On?’- A mobile game gets in the way of a funeral.

(1:06:06-1:14:47) Crap on YouTube- ‘Breast Self-Exam Rap’ – A breast-exam rap group is forced to take a closer look at their lyrics.

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