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Jacob's Ladder Scenarios

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I figure that since this question has been killed for the live shows, for good reason, that it would be interesting to gauge what people think are the JLS for the movies, or the scene that is the start of the JLS, that have been done on the show. And since I have a history of doing these kinda lists I'm going to post what I think for the movies I've seen, since there are a small number for the show that I haven't. Please feel free to add your own scenarios or list ones for films I left blank. Here are the first 20 and I will be continuing to add on as I get more time in the coming days.


1. Burlesque - Didn't see


2. Season of the Witch - Cage's character dies during the opening Crusade montage.


3. Old Dogs - Didn't see


4. The Last Airbended - Aang is dead, still frozen in the iceberg.


5. Drive Angry - Cage's character is just trapped in hell, dreaming of his escape.


6. Battlefield Earth - Jonnie is killed upon first meeting Travolta's character.


7. All About Steve - Bullock is killed falling into the sinkhole.


8. Sucker Punch - Baby Doll is killed by her stepdad after accidentally killing her sister.


9. Fast Five - Dom is killed in the bus crash. Though there are countless other times the JLS could occur.


10. Mac and Me - The kid dies in the car crash dreamed up by Adam Pally rather than being paralyzed.


11. The Tourist - Didn't see


12. The Love Guru - Didn't see


13. Crank: High Voltage - Chev was died falling from the helicopter at the end of Crank 1.


14. Green Lantern - Hal died when his plane stalled and crashed at the beginning of the film.


15. The Back-Up Plan - Didn't see


16. The Smurfs - Papa Smurf was killed when Gargamel 9/11ed the Smurf Village.


17. Skyline - Eric Balfour is sucked up into the ships and killed when he first sees them on the roof.


18. Gigli - Affleck is shot by Pacino at the end, instead of Affleck's boss.


19. The Wicker Man - Cage is the one hit by the semi-truck in the beginning, instead of the mom and daughter in the car.


20. Punisher: War Zone - Frank Castle dies with his family in the park.

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21. I Know Who Killed Me - Aubrey dies inside the glass coffin when abducted by her piano teacher.


22. Leprechaun: In the Hood - The Leprechaun was never released from the prison Ice-T locked him in.


23. The Room - The whole movie is actually the whole JLS as Johnny lies dying from shooting himself.


24. Superman 3 - The black kryptonite kills Superman rather than turning him evil. The last half of the movie is just his hallucination as he dies from advanced kryptonite poisoning.


25. Catwoman - Halle Berry dies when she's drowned by the goons in the beginning, never actually being revived by the cat's kiss.


26. Jingle All the Way - Arnold dies in the opening traffic scene, his car accident is what was causing the traffic.


27. Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 - Bella dies in childbirth.


28. Crank - Chev died in the first hour after waking up, the poison working its magic.


29. Trespass - Didn't see


30. Cool as Ice - Ice dies jumping his bike near Kathy when she was riding her horse.


31. Birdemic - Nathalie is murdered by Rob after their date.


32. 88 Minutes - Pacino is killed when his car explodes.


33. Abduction - Taylor Lautner is killed when his house explodes in the beginning.


34. Adventures of Pluto Nash - Pluto is killed in prison when his operation to remove his appendix is botched.


35. Tiptoes - Oldman dies after getting beat up by the angry boyfriend.


36. On the Line - Didn't see


37. Speed 2: Cruise Control - Jason Patrick and Sandra Bullock die by crashing into each other, a rare shared JLS.


38. Bad Ass - Didn't see


39. Godzilla - Broderick is killed by the baby Godzilla's in Madison Square Garden.


40. Judge Dredd - Dredd is actually the guy killed by James Remar in the opening gunfight, not the rookie Judge.

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41. Spider-Man 3 - It's actually Harry having the JLS when he crashes on his glider.


42. Batman & Robin - Robin freezes to death at the start of the movie when he's shot by Mr. Freeze.


43. Wild Wild West - Jim West is blown up when in the carriage with the Nitro.


44. Jaws: the Revenge - The whole film is Sean Brody's final thoughts as he is killed by the shark near the buoy at the start of the movie.


45. Road House - Dalton is actually stabbed in the neck in the opening fight, leading to the whole moving being a JLS.


46. Barb Wire - Barb died during the flashback where she loses touch with Axel.


47. Super Mario Bros. - The Mario Brothers die by jumping towards what they think is a portal to Dinotopia, when it's actually a hallucination brought on by a gas leak by the mobsters ruining the dig site.


48. Sleepaway Camp - Peter/Angela dies in the boat crash in the opening scene, causing her to think of her revenge on summer camps.


49. Cobra - Cobra is killed by the killer in the opening hostage situation.


50. Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Same as Part 1.

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I'm so glad I found this topic. One of my favourite films is a Jacob's Ladder scenario- actually, two of my favourite films are now that I think of it. And those films are STAY, starring Ryan Gosling, Ewen MacGregor, and Naomi Watts; and the Soderbergh/Clooney version of SOLARIS. What I want to know from everyone else is: what is your favourite JLS film?

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