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Episode 36 - Shawshank Wedemption (w/ Demi Adejuyigbe)

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Comedy writer, podcast host and "Weird Twitter" icon Demi Adejuyigbe (The Good Place, Punch Up The Jam) joins Jess and Zach for a musical packed with kid jail, arson, lice checks, and more! With songs like "That's What I'm In For", "Mean Mean Warden" and "I Need A Juice Box", you won't want to escape listening to any of these tunes!

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Tremendous! When I saw the episode title, I figured it was something involving prison and a wedding, but this was so much better. (Also, it was weird how they almost exclusively mentioned Morgan Freeman movies from after 2001, but then The Bucket List was the one that triggered someone to finally point out that it would be in the future.)

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