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Episode 338 - Peter Gabriel Loves To Cross-Stitch

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Tim Meadows, Peter Hulne, and Colton Dunn join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They’ll fact check a Peter Gabriel expert, take a homophobic uncle skydiving, and argue over the name of their gang. Plus, a phone-hat tech trend gains traction and a group of police officers comes up with creative ways to be dicks on the job.



(0:34-5:33) Intro Story- When A Quarterback Realized It Was Time to Quit- A football team has lost motivation since their coach stopped getting angry with them.

(5:36-18:17) Let’s Talk Some More About That- Peter Gabriel CD- A press conference with a Peter Gabriel expert is constantly fact checked

(18:25-25:04) Question from Twitter- What is One Thing You Would Never Try? – A man takes his homophobic uncle skydiving

(27:50-36:50) Let’s Talk Some More About That- Realistic Dildo- A staged show with a man with a large penis.

(37:00-51:55) Question from Twitter- What Is the Most Amount of Money You’ve Ever Carried?’ – A gang argues over how to split up the money from their muggings

(52:06-1:05:05) Question from Twitter- What Should Be a Thing Again? – A new trend of wearing hats with phones and mirrors built in catches on

(1:05:48-1:20:15) Questions from Twitter- What is Your Worst Public Bathroom Experience? – A man tasked with cleaning up celebrity’s pee with his socks

(1:20:27-1:28:58) Questions from Twitter- If You Were Arrested, What Would People Assume It Was For? – Police officers brainstorm new ways to be dicks to citizens.

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