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Episode 339 - 420 Special 2018: Grasshoppin’ On 4/20

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Jon Gabrus, John Gemberling, Gavin Speiller, and Brett Morris join Matt Besser for this year’s special 420 edition of improv4humans! They perform scenes about introducing your old circle jerk buddies to your wife, getting cold feet before a wedding because the groom isn’t funny, and an attempt to bust a baby-beef conspiracy. Plus, a couple must hide from their child in order to discuss their workdays, and a teen has a tough time getting his friends excited about the mystical land in his parents’ wardrobe.


(1:47-19:20) Intro Discussion- Home Invasion- A couple buys a new home where one window does not lock.

(19:26-26:27) Suggestion from Twitter- Snit – A police officer trying to calm down a slightly irritated citizen

(27:54-36:07) Question from Twitter- What is Something You Did, and Regretted Immediately After? – A man introduces how new wife to his old circle jerk group.

(36:12-46:15) Question from Twitter- What Are Some Deal Breakers You Have for Relationships? – A man’s fiancée doesn’t think that he is funny

(47:28-1:00:06) Question from Twitter- Who is the Most Famous Person You Have Ever Sat Next To? – A sting to bust a baby-beef conspiracy.

(1:00:45-1:05:56) Discussion- Having to Retell a Story – A couple must hide from their kid so that they can tell stories without being interrupted.

(1:06:18-1:15:00) Suggestion from Twitter- Bat – A teen can’t get his friends excited about the mystical land that he discovered in his wardrobe.

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Something I found interesting happened this episode. At 8:30ish they were talking about Daniel Stern and home alone and then at 16:40 they think of "Nero's Pizza". I don't think they consciously realized it but the pizza delivery company in home alone was "Little Nero's Pizza".



So it's just fascinating to see how the subconscious makes connections to things without people even consciously realizing where they get their ideas from.

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