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Episode 342 - OLD GRAY LADY

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Posted 09 May 2018 - 11:15 PM

Dan Lippert and Toni Charline join Matt Besser for scenes about a talk show host who gets physical during interviews, a confrontation over stolen newspapers, and a series of destructive prank phone calls. Later, a rich kid’s fort getting knocked down leads to an investigation and Toni’s housemates use her teeth grinding to their own advantage.

(:49-7:48) Crap on YouTube- Morton Downey Jr Show – Guests on a talk show insult each other with insults that don’t apply.
(7:54-20:13) Crap on YouTube- Morton Downey Jr Show – A talk show host encourages getting overly physical during interviews.
(21:48-32:17) Suggestion from Twitter- Is There Anything Want to Admit – An office is up in arms because of someone who pooping and not flushing.
(32:27-46:26) What is Going On? – Nun against Katy Perry Dies – A woman’s enemy buys her old shirt from a thrift store.
(47:10-1:01:35) Discussion – Newspaper Deliveries – Confronting a newspaper stealing neighbor.
(1:01:42-1:08:55) What is Going On? – Russian Memorial Statue- Townhall meeting to decide whether to install a Russian statue in the town.
(1:09:06-1:15:03) Let’s Talk Some More About That – Prank Calls- Kids making prank calls end up causing more destruction that anticipated.
(1:15:03-1:22:22) Let’s Talk Some More About That- Forts- A rich kid’s fort being knocked over leads to an intense interrogation
(1:22:28-1:32:51) Suggestion from Twitter- Cavity – A group uses their housemates teeth grinding to their advantage