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Monster with April Richardson

July Diaz's Photo July Diaz 15 May 2018

Comedian April Richardson joins Adam Scott Aukerman to discuss R.E.M.’s ninth studio album Monster. They’ll talk about when April first heard the band, meeting Mike Mills by going to his house, and her Top 10 R.E.M. songs. Plus, Scott and Scott talk about their Rocky Horror Picture Show phases, Rivers Cuomo’s R.E.M. cover, and U2 & R.E.M. teaming up to play “One.”

omaxem's Photo omaxem 16 May 2018

April Richardson is a gosh darned delight.

bwiddy's Photo bwiddy 16 May 2018

Another reference to one of the most underrated tv shows and the only reason i don't skip "Stand".....Get A Life!

Kickpuncher's Photo Kickpuncher 16 May 2018

View Postomaxem, on 16 May 2018 - 05:04 AM, said:

April Richardson is a gosh darned delight.

Everyone who liked this episode should check out her new-ish podcast Sordid Details. It makes perfect sense that she's friends with Howard Kremer, because they're both super funny/cool, but also have legitimately insane quirks/opinions that make for really entertaining listening.

Based on the clips, I feel like Scott is 100% right about this album.

bwiddy's Photo bwiddy 16 May 2018

April was great, but it would get old quickly having Adam and Her gush over all REM.

Also, Wall of Death is better than anything on Monster, by far. One of my favorite cover songs of all time.

Looking forward to next week for the last great REM album New Adventures of Old Christine's HiFi

ReginaCrimpsManager's Photo ReginaCrimpsManager 17 May 2018

I have a tough time rating Monster, sort of because of the opposite of April, when it came out while she was in high school and quickly became devoted to it. It came out my first month (possibly even first week) at university, so I was a little distracted and I think because of that, I didn't ever get THAT into it.

But I do love a lot of it -- it is full of fairly simple songs (just electric guitar, bass, drums, not much superfluous), that still have a touch of quirk to them. I like quirky REM. Basically I think I rate Monster highly, but then as I rarely return to it, I'm not sure if that rating is real. *shrug* Listening yesterday and now though... these songs really give me a visceral punch of nostalgia. Not in a particularly "this sounds like the '90s" way, more just a "wow that takes me back."

My other Monster story is my friend's roommate at college was one of the Asian guys in the "Crush For Eyeliner" video.

(Also cannot wait for the fantastic New Adv. In Hi-Fi to be discussed! Though will we be getting the Andy Daly U2 concert episode first?!)

Current album rating:

1. Automatic For The People
2. Fables Of The Reconstruction
3. Murmur
4. Reckoning
5. Out Of Time
6. Document
7. Monster
8. Lifes Rich Pageant
9. Green

kyleidoscope's Photo kyleidoscope 20 May 2018

The best part of this episode was Scott trying five times to make that "Make like a tree" joke and then giving up because Scott and April were sincerely discussing REM.