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Pistol Shrimps Radio 5/15/2018

July Diaz's Photo July Diaz 15 May 2018

The Pistol Shrimps take on The Slam Drunks at Lake Street Gym. Mark and Matt talk about it and Robert Plant's seminal 1990s song, '29 Palms.'

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pepperjack's Photo pepperjack 17 May 2018

So, there is a bar in the Watergate (hotel part), with the most cringe-worthy name 'The Next Whisky Bar.'

Mathey's Photo Mathey 17 May 2018

I hope Blasooch AKA Pincones can recover from the small stroke she experienced during this episode.

P.S. Hyped for the D.C. trip! My dream vacation is having Matt and Mark be tour guides at the Smithsonian.