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Episode 345 - Ed Greenberg of The Committee

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Ed Greenberg of the legendary improv group The Committee joins Matt Besser and Horatio Sanz for a special improv4humans! First, Matt interviews former vaudeville performer and Three Stooges rival Poo Baloney. Then, Ed talks about the formation of The Committee and the Harold before they call up actress and fellow Committee member Ruth Silveira to get into a discussion on Del Close, women, and improvisational theatre.

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Cool! I haven't listened yet but I like when Matt dives into some of the history of improv.

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Listened this weekend, and really enjoyed it. Thanks, Matt! Don't know how possible but stuff like this makes me really want to hear Ed or Ruth or anyone from pre-UCB times on I4H sometime!


Also in Googling, I came across a movie being made about The Committee - I guess they're raising funds for it? In case anyone is interested http://www.thecommitteemovie.com/

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