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Episode 346 - El Duce Fell Asleep On The Train Tracks

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Mary Holland and Matt Newell join Matt Besser to dig deep into the couple mind on this week’s improv4humans! They’ll disagree over the aspirations of Barbies, experience a beaver injection, and take a visit to laugh therapy. Plus, we’ll meet the hype man at a video resume service and a weed shop that specializes in paternal feelings.



(:31-13:50) Intro Discussion- El Duce- An addict tests his new AA sponsor.

(13:56-27:52) What is Going On? - Frida Kahlo Barbie- Two kids disagree over what Barbie’s aspirations are.

(28:00-40:47) What is Going On? - Lamb Fat Injections- A woman decides to get beaver fluids injected in her head.

(42:50-50:18) Crap on YouTube- Large Group of People Laugh on the Floor- Two guys can not commit to a laugh therapy class.

(52:05-1:00:50) Crap on YouTube- 1 Minute Art Teacher Resume- A woman making video resume is distracted by her hype man.

(1:01:01-1:13:46) Your Best Story- Vape Pen at Disney- A security guard attempts to get a woman to admit she is carrying weed.

(1:13:55-1:17:10) Let’s Talk Some More About That- Seeing Your Kid Happy- Weed strains that give you paternal instincts.

(1:17:18-1:30:17) Your Best Story- Driving Down a One-Way Street- A couple’s therapist sides with one of his patients over the other.

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