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Episode 348 - Ben Lee and the Pregnant Rhododendrons

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Special musical guest Ben Lee returns along with improvisers Danielle Schneider, Rose O’Shea, Jacob Wysocki, and Devin Field for this week’s improv4humans! Ben plays songs from his musical “B Is for Beer” that inspire scenes about a campaign to make beer more drinkable, the Dalai Lama’s messy personal life, and a plant-based romance. Later, we’ll meet a couple that everyone is betting on as well as a rock star defending her title to the death.




(0:00-13:52) Let’s Hear a Song- “Everything is Better with Beer” -(4:30-6:49)- A group of marketers brainstorm how to make beer more popular (6:50-13:52)

(13:58-33:37) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “History of Wonder” -(14:24-17:37)-The Dalai Lama’s messy love life is concerned (17:38-22:05)/ A man with an attraction to plants (24:48-33:37) 

(33:48-52:03) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Gamble Everything for Love” (34:10-36:54)- A group gambles on the fate of their friend’s relationship (36:55-42:11)/ A musician who defends their title to the death (43:11-52:03)

(52:13-1:10:04) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Catch My Disease” (52:24-55:34)- Two quirky people bond over their odd beverage choice. (55:34-1:02:42)/ A woman’s large crew takes a toll on her relationship (1:02:43-1:10:04)

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"History of Wonder" got me thinking about stolen ideas (theme of Matt's musical): how much does a creator need to add/change to make something their own? While clearly different, Ben's song has strong parallels to the Barenaked Ladies "Big Bang Theory Theme Song" and both are reminiscent of Billy Joel's "We didn't Start the Fire."

Personally, I like songs with rapid patter recitation of historical references that have interesting connections, so I hope there are more of these songs.


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