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Episode 350 - LIVE from DCM 20 Pt. 1

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Anthony Atamanuik, Gil Ozeri, John Gemberling, Adam Pally, Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Chad Carter, Jon Gabrus, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts join Matt Besser LIVE from the 20th annual Del Close Marathon! They’ll perform scenes about combative healing rock salesmen, the search for an antique claw hammer, and a man who may have accidentally purchased a daughter. Plus, they’ll deal with lounge chair nazis, making baby food in open spaces, and a board game about life experiences.




(1:34-8:12) Audience Suggestion- Pollen- A group of med students must state what medical field they want to join. 

(8:49-17:02) Audience Suggestion- Clam- A cop is won over by a criminal who has an abundance of seafood.

(17:34-21:50) Audience Suggestion- Dumpling- A newly single Grandfather makes an interesting Holiday feast.

(22:00-26:36) Audience Suggestion- Crystal- An argumentative pair of new age healers   

(26:51-31:41) Audience Suggestion- Claw Hammer- A man searches for an antique claw hammer.

(34:45-44:00) Audience Suggestion- Water- Man accidently buys his daughters instead of adopting them 

(44:10-52:53) Audience Suggestion- Cruise- A couple must deal with a pair of lounge chair Nazis.   

(53:05-57:50) Audience Suggestion- Baby Oil- A man is taught the proper way to make baby food. 

(57:56-1:04:50) Audience Suggestion- Toothbrush- A man searches for a real toothbrush.  

(1:05:00-1:10:28) Audience Suggestion- Nail Gun- Children don’t feel bad about killing their neighbors dog.

(1:10:29-1:19:31) Audience Suggestion- Monopoly- A board game that is full of mundane life experiences. 

(1:19:38-1:24:30) Audience Suggestion- Factory- A deeper look into Willy Wonka’s factory

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Yesssss!!!! The magic is here in this one. Ian + Matt + Matt, and everyone else is golden too.

Thanks for the belly laughs...Classic.

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