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Episode 351 - LIVE from DCM 20 Pt. 2

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Horatio Sanz, Brian Huskey, Paul Scheer, and Jess McKenna join Matt Besser LIVE from DCM 2018! They take audience suggestions that inspire scenes about a theme park ride that checks your fear threshold, a spinning top with a compelling backstory, and the process by which M&M mascots are selected. Plus, Matt is joined by Jason Mantzoukas and winners of contest4improv4humans Can’t Tell Us Nothing (Tandiwe Kone, Jon Myles, Amechi Ngwe, Antoine W.B.) to meet gang of doll bandits, a movie quoter who hits the big time, and a baker who refuses to make a cake for vegans.




(1:45-9:18) Audience Suggestion- Rollercoaster- A theme park ride that tests its patrons fear threshold.

(9:25-15:00) Audience Suggestion- Jacob’s Ladder- A girl requires a backstory for her new spinning to toy.  

(15:12-21:26) Audience Suggestion- Lemon- A group of jingle makers try to make the next big hit. 

(21:31-28:41) Audience Suggestion- Mascot- M&Ms make pleads to become the new mascots. 

(31:26-41:15) Audience Suggestion- Marionettes- A string of doll thefts has the police alarmed. 

(41:25-45:01) Audience Suggestion- Dessert- A ice cream shop tries to compete with a rival’s birthday song. 

(45:26-51:51) Audience Suggestion- Tinder- A man who needs to use a filter in real life. 

(52:00-57:52) Audience Suggestion- Jangling- A group of teens tried a strain of weed that makes them murderous. 

(58:02-1:03:58) Audience Suggestion- Barnacle- A man competes to be the best divorced dad in the neighborhood  

(1:04:02-1:07:23) Audience Suggestion- Medal- An improv coach gives a group of children improvisors harsh notes. 

(1:07:33-16:55) Audience Suggestion- Talent Show- A man who quotes movies makes it big. 

(1:17:34-1:23:49) Audience Suggestion- Hair- A hair salon where they use goats to cut hair.

(1:23:56-1:29:58) Audience Suggestion- Vegan- A bakery that refuses to make a wedding cake for a vegan couple.    

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Great episode! I particularly liked the part about the improv coach giving harsh notes to the children. I wish that scene had gone on a bit longer.

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