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Episode 352 - Pedro the Lion and the Atlantaquarium

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Musical guest David Bazan of Pedro the Lion returns along with improvisers Horatio Sanz, Brian Huskey, and Jon Gabrus! David plays a selection of songs that inspire scenes about an apology for a mysterious drunken behavior, an anger management group that only makes patients angrier, and a cab driver who mishears his destination. Plus, a key witness sneaks suspicious boasts into his testimony and a mistress demands secrecy for unexpected reasons.


(0:43 - 15:41) Let's Listen To A Song - “How I Remember” [1:42 - 4:45] - A man must apologize for his strange drunken behavior
(15:51-25:57) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Keep Swinging” [16:07 - 18:57] 1. An anger management group that riles everyone up (18:58 - 25:57) 2. A cab driver brings his passenger to a faraway destination. (26:12 - 35:50)
(36:32 - 55:57) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Kept Secrets” [36:54 - 41:35] 1. A witness can’t help but brag about their life during a testimony (41:36 - 55:57) 2. A woman hides who she is having an affair with out of embarrassment. (56:11 - 1:02:43)
(1:02:58 - 1:06:50) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run” [1:03:11 - 1:05:50] - A man tries his hand at being shy. (1:05:51 - 1:06:50)

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