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Episode 66 - How are the GOP Planning to Keep the Democrats out of the Midterms? with Tina Nguyen

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Tina Nguyen is a staff reporter for Vanity Fair’s the Hive who joins Jonathan to talk about how reviewing a hamburger landed her in Trump’s crosshairs, shine some light on what is keeps the GOP’s hopes alive in 2018, the “Blue Wave”, navigating right-wing spaces, and more.


Find Tina Nguyen’s Review of Trump Grill: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/12/trump-grill-review .

Find Tina on Twitter @tina_nguyen and instagram @thelastnguyen

For more music from Quiñ head to TheQuinCat.com.

Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook.

Catch Jonathan on Queer Eye streaming now on Netflix.

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