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Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011

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On the final (for now) episode of R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: Me, Adam Scott Aukerman discusses the band’s “Best Of” compilation and the final three songs they released as a group. They also rank R.E.M.’s albums and songs, and -- in the moment we’ve all been waiting for -- go through Adam’s wedding CD playlist.

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"What do you like about this?"

"It's rock and roll with a wide-angle lens."

"You suck so much."

It's fitting that this episode was basically a best-of (I know what best-ofs are) for the Scott & Scott podcasting experience.  Looking forward to whatever they come out with next.

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So Naomi claims that Adam said he got the wedding CD idea from that Carmen and Dave TV special. Adam says he doesn't remember saying anything like that. Scott says that if someone says they remember something and the other person says they don't, he usually believes the person who remembers something over the person who doesn't.

But I think there's a good chance that Adam is the one remembering correctly. It's actually fairly common for people to remember things that didn't happen. Sometimes if we have two memories that are linked in our mind, our brains will conflate them and make a new memory that adds something to one of the memories based on the other one. This is what is happening in what they call the "Mandela effect." We have overlapping memories that make our brains misremember things in the same ways. The crazy thing is that the memories our brain creates this way will seem just as vivid and "real" as the memories we actually experienced. Often even when presented with proof that the memory is false, it is hard to believe that we could be wrong. But stuff like this happens a lot.

To take a completely hypothetical example that is unrelated to this show, let's say there were two men who remembered a certain TV commercial from their youth. THen when they were older, The Simpsons did a parody version of the same commercial. It is actually quite possible that their brain would conflate the two, so that they remember something from the animated parody version happening in the original live action version. In fact the brain could even create memories of seeing it happen in the original commercial. they probably still wouldn't believe it because their memory of seeing it in the live action commercial is so vivid. But the fact is that it didn't happen.

Anyway I think this might be similar to the totally made up hypothetical I made just now. Adam probably mentioned wanting to make the CD soon after the show came out, and seeing the idea on TV was fresh on her mind, so her brain conflated the two and created a memory of Adam saying he got the idea from the Carmen and Dave TV wedding. Just like those two imaginary guys I mentioned.😉

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Fuck I wish my wedding mix was as good as this, I just saw Ella Fitzgerald (which is nice in a different way.)

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