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E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

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I re-watched this movie after many, many years after listening to the episode. In fact it might be 30 years or so since I have seen it. I was really surprised how riveting and funny the first two acts were. I did kind of lose interest when E.T. got sick and the government showed up though.

I loved Paul and Amy pointing out the little blonde girl whom Elliott kissed had been trying to get his attention the whole time.

Drew Barrymore's performance was such a treat. 

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19 hours ago, sycasey 2.0 said:

Hard disagree. I think the movie draws power from the fact that it ends on the emotional climax. It wants to leave you in that place.

LOL for the record I'm not advocating for another 15 minute sequence that begins with a tile "One Month Later" or whatever. Although it sounds like a note that might have existed from some junior executive at some point. 

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ET hits more nostalgia buttons beyond just seeing the movie as a kid. 

The house's location was filmed very near my childhood home. Whenever we passed it or referred to the area it was as "Eliot's house." (Just watched High Noon which used Iverson Ranch which was also near my home. I can always recognize it immediately.) 

I was a Ride Operator for Universal Studios Hollywood during my college years. While my primary job was on the BTTF ride (and later, Jurassic Park) we had to be trained and we had to cover shifts for ET The Adventure as well. (Feel free to ask me anything!) 

I remember the ride was "unofficially" a sequel, of sorts, where you had to "help" ET get back to his home, the Green Planet, because "only his healing touch" could save it. So many questions and implications about the movie. LOL. 

The ride vehicles were these collections of bicycles on an overhead track so you could fly over the city and through hyperspace and stuff. There was another alien named, Botanicus, who was ET's mentor/teacher or something?, and he welcomed you to the Green Planet, with baby ETs and living plants that would dance and sing because their planet was saved. 

At the end, ET would greet you personally because you gave your name to a ride operator before the loading platform. And yes, bored or disillusioned employees might program "different" names to make ET say some "different" things. 

I'll always remember the specially-designed pine scent that was piped into the forest scene, making the whole ride smell pungent. It was either pleasant or nauseous depending on how long your shift and mandatory overtime was.     

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