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Episode 20 - Jude the Stalker

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Jude’s interest in his cousin Sue Bridehead leads him to follow her to church. Will he finally speak to her?

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As the cousin thing isn't going to go away in this book, a look at an article on Cousin Marriage like the one in Wikipedia can be helpful for historical perspective. Though we (yes, including me) see it as odd or distasteful now, the feeling against it is relatively recent and in fact was surfacing precisely at the time shown in the book, with mild statements like "It is not good for cousins to marry." The practice used to be fairly common: in times and places where people had to marry within their social class, and seldom left the village where they were born, choice was sometimes limited. Marrying a first cousin remains legal (and thus not classified as incest) in much of the world today, including a majority of the states of the US.

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