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Episode 80 - What is Astronomy Even? with Paul Geithner

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Paul Geithner is the Deputy Project Manager — Technical for the James Webb Space Telescope at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Paul joins Jonathan to give him a crash course in what the electro-magnetic spectrum is, how space debris can effect space programs, the vastness of space, his work with the James Webb Space Telescope and more.

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Never fails to amaze me how Jonathan VN can land these big celebrity exclusive interviews and then you don't hear much chatter afterwards in the media. I mean for Pete's sake, Paul Reiser just discussed his secret double life as a NASA BOSS, even more exciting for hoopster hipsters like moi (hey there Flagrant Ones!!) is that he BOSSES around Jimmy "Spud" Webb, He never admitted it to Marvel Alberta in interviews but I always knew couldn't have a momma crazy enough to birth name her baby Spuds Jr. James as a secret name isn't working for me, so I'm starting a petition to have the Jimms Webber Space Telescopes renamed "Spuds Jr. Webbs Space Microscopes" because get it, microscopes is tiny like lil' potato dunk here. 


A plus episode

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