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Episode 102 — Dreamers!

Earwolf Admin's Photo Earwolf Admin 13 Jan 2012

This week's guest is Zach Steel and we get pretty real. I didn't intend for that to rhyme, but now I want to do it for the whole description: You know him from A.N.T. Farm, and we're impressed with his charm. We discuss our careers, our feelings towards peers, our changes through the years, and we approach new frontiers. He's one of our favorite boys, so enjoy(s)!


Julia Hays's Photo Julia Hays 13 Jan 2012

The catering job interview was classic. "I was a waitress!"


jughead's Photo jughead 13 Jan 2012

Finally one of your guests rips into Oprah. Its about time!


NelsonTwins's Photo NelsonTwins 16 Jan 2012

A.N.T. Farm actually looks like a fun show...where were the shows about the brainy gifted kids when I was younger?

Elizabeth Laime's Photo Elizabeth Laime 18 Jan 2012

One of my favorite highlight clips to-date, mostly because I get so uncomfortable - does it read? Let me know!