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Episode 369 - The White Album’s 50th Anniversary

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Will Hines, Joel Spence, and Brett Morris join Matt Besser to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’ White Album! They’ll pick apart their favorite tracks from the 2018 remaster, inspiring scenes about introducing a friend with a confusing amount of names, a couple in counseling because of a disparity in sexiness, and a waiter with an invasive flirting style. Plus, Linda McCartney gets annoyed with Paul for writing songs about his dog, the Queen makes herself hated by children, and an older Elvis tries to come up with a fresh concept.


(3:47 - 14:46) Let’s Listen to a Song - Rocky Raccoon - Introducing a friend that goes by a confusing amount of names

(14:47 - 25:08) Let’s Listen to Another Song - The Story of Bungalow Bill - Seeking existential inner peace to help you be better at killing

(25:09 - 35:15) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Piggies - A strict mother reprimands her son and his friends for not being more politically involved

(38:15 - 47:59) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Sexy Sadie - A couple in therapy because of a sexiness discrepancy

(49:51 - 59:03) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Dear Prudence - A server at a diner tries to flirt with a customer but is way too forward and invasive

(1:02:37 - 1:08:55) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Martha My Dear - Linda McCartney is annoyed that Paul is just writing songs about his dog and not her

(1:08:56 - 1:15:16) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey - Howard Cosell is drunk during a game he’s reporting on

(1:15:17 - 1:22:58) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Cry Baby Cry - The Queen tries to entertain children but instead makes herself hated by them

(1:22:59 - 1:34:49) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Glass Onion - An older Elvis can’t sing without rehashing his old hits

(1:34:50 - 1:43:23) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Sour Milk Sea - Meditation retreat gets derailed because of participants’ anger

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