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HDTGM Classics Holiday Edition

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Sorry to get this in early, but I just saw on Twitter that they're planning on updating the free non-paywall offerings.

Currently Jingle All The Way, Joyful Noise Jack Frost, and Deck the Hall (though I think we did that one last year) are all available if we want to do one of them and anyone wants to save them before they disappear. Just a heads up! 

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I haven't seen any of them (except Deck The Halls last year for HDTGM Classics). So, I'm down for whatever except for Deck The Halls).

Is the plan for December 7?

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Yeah guys are on top of it :)

I was planning on making the thread today. I was thinking the 7th and I’ll put the available Christmas movies up for a vote.

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3 minutes ago, JusMishMash224 said:

Deck the Halls is an Iconic Classic @hdtgm

We watched it last year :) But, yeah, the ep is great.

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