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Episode 2 - Kristen Bell

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Actress Kristen Bell feels supercharged about being Conan O’Brien’s friend!

Kristen joins Conan to chat about imparting kindness to their kids, Kristen’s complex relationship with her husband’s recliner, driving motorcycles, and Conan’s goals for a potential double date.

Plus, Conan gets to know his assistant Sona a bit better with the segment “True or False.”

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My new favorite podcast out of the current 2 podcasts I semi-regularly listen to. Conan is the best. Conan Without Borders is always funny, but as a Borders (my actual last name), I take offense that there are no Borders with him on these trips. Shameless request to have this random keyboard warrior, dare I say wizard of the jkl;'s accompany Conan on any trip! I know this will never happen, but stranger things have happened on the internet, many of which that involve Conan!

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