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Episode 63 - Wade Davis

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Thought leader Wade Davis sits down with Cameron to discuss playing in the NFL, antiblackness within the gay community, and the empathy gap.

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Cameron - Thank you for this and every podcast.  Thank you for your stand-up, Take My Wife, and everything you do!  I am an ally and a huge fan.  The last time you were in town I was so starstruck after the show that I was barely able to say hello to you!!!  This Queery episode was especially relevant to me when you and Wade were talking about straight folks (me) needing queer folks for all kinds of things.  Truth!!!  I agree on so many levels. 

Recently, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Your words resounded most particularly to me because the surgery I am having will render me with erectile dysfunction for up to a year or more.  My wife and I have a fun and robust sex life which will no longer exist as we know it for some time.  Your words to reach out to queer folks were a call to action!  Tonight I spoke with a good friend of ours who is a lesbian about my situation and she totally held me.  She was so honored and energized with my ask for help!  For one brief moment I felt awkward and she took away all of my fears.  She and I only spoke for a few minutes and we plan to get together next week to get into specifics.  She told me that she will help me be a better lover to my wife whether all of my body parts work or not.  I wept when we got off the phone with gratitude for her kindness and for the incredible gifts one is given in the most difficult of times.   

You have said on stage and on your podcast that you find it difficult to connect with cis-hetero-normative white guys.  Well, you connected with one today.  

So, thank you!  Thank you for your words, curiosity, energy, passion and compassion.  You are my Queero! 

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