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Cameron H.

Musical Mondays Week 53 Florence Foster Jenkins

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10 hours ago, taylorannephoto said:

I'm sorry that I've completely lost all ability to join in on these conversations, y'all. Apparently getting myself to pay attention to anything after work is near impossible.

Life stuff happens! Bad movies will still be here when you're able to talk about them

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So I finally got around to watching this and it struck a weird note with me too. First, it hit at a weird time for me, I just finished acting in a Christmas production of Little Women and it's the first time in like 3 years I've actually been on stage. And then there is my writing and my other artistic endeavors. I long for reviews but I also fear negative ones. Not that constructive criticism is something I fear, because I love that, but it's just this nagging fear that I really suck. I'll also be the first to admit that if I won a 100 million dollar lottery or something, I'd be financing my own shows in NY and being like "screw the critics". I think there is a message about the thin knife edge that actors/artists walk. Recently, on a Facebook playwrights group I'm a part of, a picture was posted of a writer responding very poorly to their play not getting selected for a festival. I'm also reminded of the many times writers have lashed out to critics. I think the message they are trying to get across is the same as Ratatouille. But it's done, less...convincingly.  I do think that this would be an interesting companion piece to THE PRODUCERS.  

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