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  1. 1. Does Rocky belong on the AFI list?

    • I think Rocky's got a good chance.
    • You're a bum, Rock. You're a bum.

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Comparative list post.

AFI (2007 | 1997): 57th | 78th

BFI Critic's poll, 2012 (ranking, US filtered ranking, votes): -- (all), -- (US), 0 votes

BFI Director's poll, 2012 (ranking, US filtered ranking, votes): 546, 229.32 (US), 1 votes

IMDB (rank, rating): 223, 8.1 rating (it looks like number 250 on the list has a 8.0 rating)

Metascore: 70

TSFDT (ranking, US filtered ranking): 575th, TBD

Oscar BP status: winner (beating out Taxi Driver, Network, All the President's Men, Bound for Glory)

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On 12/7/2018 at 7:20 PM, sycasey 2.0 said:

Isn't this really true about almost everything you'd call a "sports movie?" The actual sports scenes are usually relatively few, and most of the movie is spent building up the characters . . . because that's how movies work, you have to care about the people in the "big game" more than the game itself.

I was thinking the same thing.

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As a child, my impression of Rocky was formed by the campy sequels.

As a teenager, I revisited the first because I was surprised it won best picture, and thought it was surprisingly good.  Maybe due to the campy expectations I had of the franchise.

This is my first revisit since then, I think.  I was mostly... "eh."  I can't say I disliked it, and I think that stems from liking the style of 70s dramas more.  But I couldn't help but notice the cat-saving Paul mentioned, and Adrian seemed like an over-the-top caricature.  It wasn't terrible, but it seems like there's other dramas from the era that I like more (just off the top of my head: The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Five Easy Pieces - though maybe that last one won't age as well for me either with a revisit).  Boy, this makes me nervous about Jaws.  Because I may not have seen it since around the same time as well.  I hope that one will hold up.

And we already have Raging Bull on the list, which I also need a revisit for, but I'm guessing will still be viewed favorably from my viewpoint.  And I was going to say something about watching both of these together, but given all the, "You're a bum," and working bone breaker for a mob boss, I feel like this one might have been in conversation with (or inspired by?) On the Waterfront.  Since it's been a long time for that one for me, I probably would have liked to have revisited that one first before revisiting this one.

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