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Why is this so hard! I paid money, but haven't gotten anything - Stitcher Premium

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I signed up for Stitcher Premium *just* to listen to season 5 of SuperEgo. However, I need the eps in mp3 form. So that I can put them on a thumb drive and listen to them in my car. I have *no* other way to listen to them in my car, and that's the *only* place I want to listen to them. I save them as special rewards for commuting. I do NOT have a data plan for my phone. I have tried various apps, add-ons, programs, software, tricks, etc. to figure out how to save podcasts from Stitcher Premium onto my *computer.* I cannot find a way. I've sent many emails asking various people for advice. I think that since I've paid money to access Stitcher Premium podcasts that I should be able to download the audio so I can listen in my car. What do you think? ~Katy  

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