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Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986)

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When the FIRST movie featuring mid-80's plush superstars the Care Bears made a shocking amount of money, they rushed a sequel into production; and moved so fast that I don't think they noticed the sick undercurrents of the main plotline, where an all-destroying red cloud of supernatural hate called Dark Heart disguises himself as a cute teenage badboy and basically seduces teenage girl Christy by promising to use his dark magic to help her win all the sports at her summer camp, in exchange for an unidentified, ominous favor she'll owe him later.

His whole M.O. is kidnapping the Care Bears in sacks, and when he's thwarted, he straight MURDERS Christy with lightning, and then the Care Bears pull a Peter Pan and beg the children in the audience to bring her back to life by saying "WE CARE". It's...I don't know how you inflict this on children.

Seriously - how do they create a scene like this and not get how alarming it is?


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I think I saw this at some point, because I definitely remember Dark Heart. Was this the only Care Bears movie with him in it, or were there others?

Also, my sister’s obsession with the Care Bears lead to her going through a phase of always answering the question of “Do you care if I... (eat this last cookie, borrow your toy, etc.) with a “YES!” because she wanted to be a Care Bear, and they care about everything.

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This was Dark Heart's only appearance - IIRC (my little sister was very into these movies), the first movie had an evil book (Don't read, kids! Watch cartoons instead!), and the third movie took them to Wonderland. But the "Twilight" vibe on him is strong; he's totally the 80's toy version of a supernatural teen crush.

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