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5 years since last contest?

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Looks like Earwolf wins the contest for most miserly podcast consortium. 

Since the bean counters at “Misear-wolf” are too busy getting visited by 3 ghosts on Xmas Eve, I’ll break open the vaults at Pure Guava Inc. and fund my own dang contest!

So drop them crutches and oooops, you really do need them, my bad,  I thought it was a ploy to  squeeze more sheckles out of ol’ Tightwad McScoggles....


Ya know what, Tiny T., while you are on your knees in front of my benevolent, totally muscular body, why don’t you use those DSL’s (Doesn’t sip luxury items) for  chugging down the sweet sweet taste of my generosity. Because:


I’ll paypal 5$ to the first person to reply to this post. That’s it. See ya in 5 years! 



CONTEST RULES:1.no hacking the computers to alter your time stamp, What, is your favorite band Jakob Marley and the Failures (due to the repercussions of cheating)? 


2. I reserve the right to laugh at your username,  you guys are a soooo out there, dude, must have been 4:20 when you left shore on your puntoon boat, heading to Wordplay Isle (Isles are known as  “Keylos” in South Florida) for a punrise wake and make...some puns...sesh with Vladimir Puntin and Presipunt Donald Punmp..out them Puns, Vanderslice, because puns rule this National Lampun’s XMAS Vacapun! 

EPIC CALLBACK TO HOLIDAYS ENDS THE ROUND, points go to the contestant who threw the  XMAS boomerang,  the one that hit the nation right in the punny bone coming and going, we all shoulda ducked, it was a boomerang after all


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