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Vacation of Terror 2: Diabolical Birthday (1989)

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I think the title of this movie lets you know exactly what to expect when watching it. I first saw it at the "video vortex" at Alamo Drafthouse where they screen bad movies for $1. This movie was so unbelievable that once we got home, we needed to watch it again just to understand what the hell we'd just seen. I've attached the trailer below just so you can get a glimpse of the craziness. The IMDb description of this movie reads: "The diabolical doll and Pedro return in this sequel. Julio is invited to a birthday party for a little girl on Halloween in a closed movie studio. At the party, he notices she has a doll that resembles the one that his little sister had." The first movie, by the way, is NEVER REFERENCED in the second movie. In the diabolical sequel. a young girl has a Chucky-like possessed doll that she brings to her birthday party, and this guy in a flasher's trench coat, who is always hitting on the young girl's older sister, is trying to save her from the doll. The doll eventually turns into a demon (with a very Gremlin-like transformation, but 1000x more gruesome) and the demon plays tricks on the girl, her sister, and the "savior guy" as they are chased around this closed movie set, unable to escape. 

And of course, there's a break in the middle of the movie for a musical number called Chicos Chicos with inscrutable and insane lyrics (when translated into English) sung by the young girl's older sister. Some of the lyrics say things like, "Boys boys boys, clumsy and aggressive! Poor boys, lost neurotics. Boys boys boys, her boys, super guys, surprised, in Sunday crisis." 

It's worth a watch, it's hilarious and horrifying all at once, and I think How Did This Get Made should review it because it is truly a wonder to behold.

Vacation of Terror 2: Diabolical Birthday Trailer

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