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Episode 220 - Hobbs & Shaw: LIVE! (w/ Adam Scott, Nicole Byer)

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So excited, they've already got the sequels planned. In order they will be 2 Hobbs 2 Shaw, Hobbs and Shaw: Tokyo Drift, Hobbs & Shaw, Hobbs Five, Hobbs and Shaw 6, Shaw 7, The Fate of Shaw, and Hobbs & Shaw Presents: Locke and Dinkley. I can't wait!!

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On 8/21/2019 at 10:15 PM, DanEngler said:

I assume everyone has seen the article that made the rounds last month revealing that this guy is Robert Redford?

I saw the movie Jeremiah Johnson a few years ago and I was pretty surprised to see that shot in the movie.

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7 hours ago, Deep Whet said:

Do you have to see Fast and Curious movies to enjoy Hobbs and Shaw?

I would say you don't.

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