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Shameless Promotion of Self

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Hey all! I recently made my third appearance on the Film 89 podcast, and I am pretty proud of the result (mostly because I got to talk with two rather accomplished gentlemen about a topic I like very much). We discuss the 1959 Howard Hawks classic Rio Bravo, then pivot in to discussing horror films. My first two appearances on Film 89 were on Apocalypse Now and Star Trek the Motion Picture, so with this episode, I'm channeling some hefty Dad Energy, even if I'm a single dude. Anyway, podcasting with these guys was super fun and I love movies so I wanted to share it with you all. Thanks!



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More stuff: So Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has been my favorite entry in the Indiana Jones franchise since I was a kid, as well as being one of my all-time favorite movies. Ever since Raiders of the Lost Ark was covered on Unspooled, as well as listening to the Matts Gorley and Mira debate the series on James Bonding, I've been putting some serious thought into why I hold it in such high regard. This essay is the ultimate result of all that pondering. Enjoy if you so choose!


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