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Episode 91 — The Sembello Pull

Earwolf Admin's Photo Earwolf Admin 19 Apr 2012

Hey you nerds and coolos! Are you ready for a new Sklarbro Country with the super funny Jordan Peele? Jordan has been making us laugh on Key & Peele and he is here in Sklarbro Country to tell us the key to his spot-on Obama impersonation and how to make Europeans laugh. Also joining us is Tim Gunn to talk about, of course, his Coachella plans. Now, if you want to listen to this episode you must follow a strict code of conduct: Never poop in a shoe, don't eat at 2 AM (not even Wahlburgers), and go to Stamps.com and use the code Sklar!

Julia Hays's Photo Julia Hays 20 Apr 2012

Key & Peele is my favorite new show of the year. It was great to hear the other half of the duo, and I like that you interviewed the guys separately, so we could hear what they thought before and after the season aired. If you missed the show, catch up on reruns, or click here to watch the YouTube playlist of some of the best skits on the show. Here is the I Said Bitch skit that Randy and Jason mentioned on today's episode. Watch that one through the end; it gets epic. One of my personal favorites was McFerrin vs. Winslow, which features a cameo from Earwolf's own Matt Besser! And the Baby Forest Whitaker skit still scares the hell out of me. And, since UFC came up on today's show, the Ultimate Fighting Match Preview is a great one to watch.

icunurok's Photo icunurok 20 Apr 2012

Brothers Sklar, don't shy away from international (i.e. non-Canadian) shows. Make it a goal for yourself and come on over! Build a set around your material that transcends borders (obviously people won't get NFL, NHL or NCAA references) and follow Jordan's advice about how the Dutch crowds really can get American comedy.

Living next door in Belgium for the last five years, I'd say don't rely on the weed humor too much since Amsterdam is as much the Netherlands as NYC is the USA: an important part, but not reflective of society as a whole. Making fun of the neighbors though (i.e. Brits are all alcoholics, the French are rude, the Italians loud, etc.) does play very well. The most popular postcards for Europeans in Brussels (capital of European Union) are ones that poke fun at all the nationalities.

If you're going to go down the sports route (building on material from the podcasts), everyone loves going after soccer players (Ashley Cole shooting an intern in the locker room), cyclists and crazy rugby players.

You've got anglophone expats and locals who'd love to see you live. Check out people like Standup World who book English-speaking acts for European audiences. Come entertain us in "Euro Sklarbro Country" and keep up the excellent work on the podcast!

rachelpi's Photo rachelpi 20 Apr 2012

Dangit, I love any Mummenschanz reference. Also thanks for the flashback to the summer of '89 with the Ghostbusters II song. My dad sometimes still drops the phrase, "too hot to handle / too cold to hold." Great episode!

Michael Wo's Photo Michael Wo 20 Apr 2012

Last week, you had Colin Hay on the show. Days later, his old Men at Work bandmate died.

This week, you have an Abbott & Costello bit where you ask if the drummer of the Band is dead. Yesterday, he died.

I'm a little scared to see who's on the show or referenced next week...

Hot - Slunch's Photo Hot - Slunch 20 Apr 2012

Not to be a dick, but those Arenas pranks have been around for awhile now... Pretty sure I read about them last summer if not earlier. Still funny, but not exactly news.

Quasar Sniffer's Photo Quasar Sniffer 23 Apr 2012

I wonder how much of Gilbert Arenas' gun-toting, shark-owning, poo-slinging shenanigans comes from the inner rage he must posses having grown up with the name "Gilbert." I mean, look at Gilbert Gottfried. I bet he would be playing more poop pranks if he were a 6'4" African American millionaire. Maybe pranks with shark poop?

Quasar Sniffer's Photo Quasar Sniffer 24 Apr 2012


The phrase "it's always pleasurable with Tim Gunn" is a phrase I live by. Oh my, there's a man!

And in all seriousness, a Tim Gunn remote/report from Coachella would be amazing. I know it's too late for that this year, but maybe he could make a triumphant return to Burning Man this summer?

Also, are the new shirts up on the Earwolf site somewhere? I am curious to see the Calming Shores expressed in the form of haute couture.