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Episode — Perception Pt. 2

Earwolf Admin's Photo Earwolf Admin 23 Apr 2012

Did you think that we were done discussing perception? You must have perceived wrong! Myq Kaplan is sticking around for more discussion on religious extremism, the power of mushrooms, and seeing the world through a child's eyes. Plus, we have Kyle's mother on the phone! Or DO we? Is it just an illusion? I suppose we'll never know.

dreamingofhalls's Photo dreamingofhalls 24 Apr 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed this! I still miss tig<3 But you guys put out a fantastic ep always no matter what! thanks!

Ryan Whitney's Photo Ryan Whitney 24 Apr 2012

Hey guys, I'm a big fan and I've listened to every episode and I don’t want to be mean, but this has been building up for quite a while.. also I’m sure I’m not the only listener of this science themed COMEDY show that thinks this…it doesn't makes sense to fill precious blastoff time with mormon thoughts about evolution or any other scientific theory. It’s not fun or funny it’s just frustrating and it is a huge turn off while listening to this podcast now. I’m scared for the future of professor blastoff knowing aaron is becoming more and more prominent in these recent episodes even before Tig’s time off. If this were any other earwolf podcast I wouldn’t mind but this guy is getting in the way of the show and taking away a lot of the comedy gold. Aaron seems like a nice guy but it's just a waste of time to hear his brain justify his religion all the time. SORRY AARON LOVE U BUD I JUST WANNA LAUGH SORRY ILL PROBABLY DELETE THIS BECAUSE IM IN A BAD MOOD K BYE

Steven Yates's Photo Steven Yates 24 Apr 2012

1. I am missing Tig and praying for her and her family. Please take take the time you need and come back to PB when you can.

2. As you can tell from #1 above, I am religious (Greek Orthodox) but I am not offended by discussions of atheism or even the "preaching of atheism". I thought Aaron did a good job as, seemingly, the only religious person in the room. That is not easy.

3. Kyle's mother is a GEM! She tipped us all to Kyle's new character "Greg". Can't wait for that! I apologize to Kyle that when she said, jokingly, that she was not wearing anything, my mind immediately imagined it. I am ashamed.

4. "Shame Hut" is my new favorite song. Followed by "Abortion Hut (No Baby)" and "Memory Hut". I am waiting for a Swamp Rock version of "Shame Hut". Kyle is so funny!

5. Perception is an amazing topic, especially as it relates to humor. Myq Kaplan is a great comic and had some interesting mushroom insights.

I am jealous of Myq because his episode was extended to a two-parter! Maybe I'll get asked back for another shot at an environmental topic (HINT, HINT)

Well, that's been comment.

dreamingofhalls's Photo dreamingofhalls 24 Apr 2012

@ryan i agree sorta i dont want to be mean but i enjoy the dynamic of just the 3 of them and arron only popping in for the clips i dont think hes pushing his faith on us i just think it should only be tig kyle and david speaking haha

Ben M's Photo Ben M 24 Apr 2012

I disagree; Aaron doesn't really force his opinion out there, but he is the only person of "faith" in the pod and is, fairly or unfairly, looked to to provide that perspective. While I identify with the rest of the pod from a theological perspective, I appreciate having someone there to correct misconceptions or offer how __________ is reconcilable with those that are "believers". It is possibly unfortunate that Mormonism is as "unique" and nuanced as it is compared to plain-vanilla Christianity, but I think that adds to the possible comedic value. Also, (no offense if you're reading this, Aaron) he doesn't do that great of a job articulating really large theological ideas, which I find amusing and benign rather than "proselytizing".
Plus, that was a great Son-in-Law pull.

P D's Photo P D 24 Apr 2012

Tig is certainly, certainly missed, and I hope things get better with her and she comes back soon. But you guys all did a good job in her absence with these episodes. This show was great in Ep. 1 and has only gotten better.

That's been (another) comment.

TheStellarSkateboardSituation's Photo TheStellarSkateboardSituation 24 Apr 2012

I miss Tig still, for sure, but it's nice that you guys can still put out good shows while she takes some well needed time off.

I will also defend Aaron. Despite the fact that I side more with the athiest side of the arguement, I feel like the others (specifically David) often attack his beliefs and draw him into these discussions. The religion topic gets brought up a bit more than I would like, but I don't blame Aaron as he's usually just defending his beliefs from attack, and he always does so without attacking back. I would have thought this was another Religion episode rather than Perception.

Still, great show as always.

Diggums's Photo Diggums 24 Apr 2012

Dang, Brian Rudzinski. You took the words right out of my mouth. Seriously, give them back. ;) No. But I agree I was just about to comment and say I am a bit tired of all the religion discussion period. It is too much of a touchy subject and feel some religions are being attacked and people are being judged by what they believe in. We get it, David and Kyle are not believers or follow any religion we don't need constant reminders and discussions about it. I too noticed they kept getting off the topic of perception and went off on a tangent about religion. I love the podcast but a bit tired of hearing their opinions on the matter. Tig, you are missed.

mobaki's Photo mobaki 24 Apr 2012

Not sure if this is the one Myq was referring to or not, but here is a site that gives the details on how money is handled at charities so you can determine which ones are best for your donations.


oh, and here's a link to their profile on The Fistula Foundation :D

cmdesh's Photo cmdesh 24 Apr 2012

i think being locked in a sanitarium, forced thorazine and ECT for a couple of years did more damage to Roky Erickson's psyche than any amount of LSD could ever do...

SisapisSisApis's Photo SisapisSisApis 24 Apr 2012

Yeah i appreciate the free roaming podcast but every episode seems to get to Aaron defending the entirety of religion. This isn't a "science" podcast (as referred by previous poster) so if the idea of spirituality, religion, mysticism, etc. is so captivating devote an episode to that. The false dichotomy of "SCIENCE!" vs. "Religion" is getting tired. (is/ought fallacy anyone? its only two+ centuries old)
The simplistic view of religion held by the blastronauts names not ending in -aron really does a disservice to the subject. Constant references to creationism and biblical literalism just so how little understanding of religions (and science, evolution, cosmology) they possess. The premise of the podcast has a huge umbrella, if the hosts would reach out to experts beyond those they personally have met it could really explode. The humor lightens the mood of serious discussion and keeps anyone from getting too caught up in their pov. Its a great mix yet to be realized. The crew could easily reach out to local experts in the major religions and im sure they would be accommodating. It is recorded in one of the largest most cosmopolitan cities in the world. No offense but someone who took some classes in college does not make them an authority even if they happen to be funny comedians/comediennes.
Self described you are a podcast on philosophy, theology, and science; however you have had maybe a total of two episodes about theology of 50 and thats stretching it to include "enlightenment" and "afterlife" which aren't strictly theological.

megan_ramold's Photo megan_ramold 24 Apr 2012

I think Kyle mentioned that when we're talking about perception, one's worldview is their primary frame of reference when attempting to understand all the external "stuff" (and perhaps the self as well).
The topic of religion, then, definitely comes into play since often it shapes and molds our experience and perceptions of what is and is not acceptable, good or bad/evil, etc. I enjoy hearing what other people have to say about religion since I have limited knowledge of other religious practices and beliefs-I'm from Nebraska, I mean, c'mon. I think it's good to clarify misconceptions and speak openly and learn from one another about religion. Certainly, some religious dogmas, parables, doctrine, etc. seem absurd and we wonder why people would claim, as truth, something that seems so obviously irrational and illogical. But there must be something to be gained from someone else's interpretation/experiences otherwise, why partake in the podcast (the dialectic) at all?!

Tig, Kyle, David, and Aaron, Thanks for making me look like a fool with a big smile on my face as I listen to PB on my headphones. Whether I'm riding my bike or driving along the highway, I'm always hyper-aware that I likely look ridiculous to oncoming traffic but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the best podcast out there! :D

Jeffrey1326657699's Photo Jeffrey1326657699 25 Apr 2012

And David Eagleman makes an appearance! And So does Neil DeGrasse Tyson! Co-incidence or tradgedy? Tig come back soon these guys need you, and your beep boop beeps...

Ian Fin's Photo Ian Fin 25 Apr 2012

Myq is amazing, it was really cool hearing the guys bro'ing out. That being said I really miss Tig.
My condolences to your family and for what it's worth we all love and miss you dearly. *hug*

Finnias_J's Photo Finnias_J 25 Apr 2012

I enjoyed the last two eps. because of Myq, but please get Tig back soon, if only to wrangle Aaron.

BlankBlankBlank's Photo BlankBlankBlank 25 Apr 2012

I'm late to the party this week, but I'll summarize the with the following.

1) Aaron is awesome.
2) Shame shack is awesome.
3) Kyle wearing a Blastoff t-shirt in the photo this week is awesome.
4) The idea of expanding to have even more experts in and more varied topics is awesome.
5) Tig being gone. So not awesome.

Ian Fin's Photo Ian Fin 26 Apr 2012

 Finnias_J, on 25 April 2012 - 06:31 PM, said:

I enjoyed the last two eps. because of Myq, but please get Tig back soon, if only to wrangle Aaron.

Yeah, I def noticed that Aaron is chiming in a lot more without the strong hand of Tig to keep him in check - I kid, I love Aaron, he does an ah-mah-zing job picking clips, seriously, I like his clips.

tobyism's Photo tobyism 02 May 2012

This two part episode is probably one of my favorites, despite the lack of our lovely Tig (we love you Tig!). You guys (and no girls) were on from beginning to end. Love Myq Kaplan, have him back again soon! Me and the wife can not stop shouting "SHAME HUT BABY!" at each other.

Amazing show guys (and no girls)!