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Episode 83.5 — 7/6/2012 TWO CHARTED 22

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#1 Earwolf Admin


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 11:00 PM

Chartists, this one's for you! Howard covers more sea stories of summah in his chart, and Kulap follows up with the Top 5 interactions with YOU, the fans, via social media. Listen to see if you made the list. The duo also discusses crazy nicknames, screaming lobsters, and vikings. Oh, the joys of summah!

#2 Julia Hays

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Posted 05 July 2012 - 11:20 PM

That final fan letter on Kulap's chart really touched me. You're in our thoughts, Bethony! Sending positive summah vibes your way! :)
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#3 Neclord

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Posted 06 July 2012 - 12:18 AM

Howard gave a bit of a summah sermon there at the end. "Blessed be those who have a little belief," sounds appropriate for a Sermon on the Dune type of situation.


#4 Summer


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Posted 06 July 2012 - 07:17 AM


#5 shayski


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Posted 06 July 2012 - 07:49 AM

Tootsie Boy!

#6 daveB from Oakland

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Posted 06 July 2012 - 08:57 AM

View PostJulia Hays, on 05 July 2012 - 11:20 PM, said:

That final fan letter on Kulap's chart really touched me. You're in our thoughts, Bethony! Sending positive summah vibes your way! :)

Summah Tearjerkah!!
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#7 KajusX

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Posted 06 July 2012 - 12:42 PM

I have been planning on buying Have A Summah since its release but keep forgetting/was out of town! After that last letter though (as well as you guys playing snippets of it over the past few Two-ch's), I came home at lunch and picked it up post haste. I really enjoyed how thoughtful and touching that letter was, as well as Kulap's and Howard's words afterwards You guys rule.

My Summah Gum is Orbit's Melon Remix, btw.

OH! I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT SUMMAH! Basically, I HATE August. It is the worst month of the year because of its unrelenting, vicious heat. Seeing as heat is a part of Summah, how do you take the best of the best out of the worst month of the Summah season?
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#8 Todd Mason

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Posted 06 July 2012 - 12:53 PM

That last e-letter was indeed a moment...as someone who has had a few odd responses to my short stories, though so far nothing quite in that vein, I can sympathize.

On a much more earthy? salty? level, male dolphins rather famously use their members to manipulate things in their environment, including at times people who wanted to Swim with Dolphins. Tends to make things memorable for such people...the dolphins, after all, have only so many tools, so to write, at their disposal...

#9 mwn


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Posted 07 July 2012 - 08:13 AM

Kulap's appearance on The Todd Glass Show this week was funny as hell. Howard has some catching up to do!


#10 champion_dinosaur


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 07:56 PM

There was a woman from England who attempted to marry a dolphin, it was a popular story on the bbc a few years back. I'm really glad this show is on, Howards music is like Fu shnickins, beastie boys, mc paul barman, kulap is like the girl you worked with that had a boyfriend before you started dating in highschool, and laughs at your jokes. When I listen while organizing my cpu or putting together mixes I feel like I am at the arcade , eternal summah, peace!

#11 AlizaEss


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Posted 11 July 2012 - 11:47 AM

Was listening to this episode of Two Charted on the bus to a beach getaway weekend last Friday... hearing Kulap describe Howard's reaction to that final fan letter was so touching. I almost lost it on the bus! Thank you two for making this world a brighter place.

side note: the older gent next to me was listening to a portable radio and balancing his checkbook... delightlfully old school.