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submit youtube clips for improv4humans

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Kung Fu Grandpa in the Food Lion Parking Lot.

An impressive piece of commentary.

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I feel in love with this channel and you might too.


It's a man who believes he is a prophet of the apocalypse who analyzes different viral videos for messages from the antichrist.


Here is part of his series on Gangnam Style. It's too funny!


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I know we try not to abuse the easy targets of crazy right wing youtubers, but I thought Matt would really like to see this one. Pat Robertson explaining why miracles usually occur in the general proximity of the uneducated "people over seas", and why God doesn't love people with Ivy League educations. Then he mispronounces inundated.



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hey guys, the video is way too long but the first three minutes are great for these reasons:

we don't see his face for some reason. it's the message, man, not the messenger

<ahem> smoke much?

shift shaft, shift shaft, shift shaft

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At the 58 min mark (58:25 to be exact)...


Crazy record collector pursues the goal of having every song in the world. Ever.


Tries to show off his memory skills with hilarious results.


I would so love to hear a scene based off of this!


EDIT: More at the 1:19:27 mark, related to his alphabetizing system and opinions on groups with "The" in their name.

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