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Episode 42.5 — Minisode 42.5

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 04:09 AM

Points for having the Patron Saintess of HTFDTGM? Mais, oui...

I was fan of the old tv show as a young kid and even got well into Bah Bah Black Sheep...Conrad was certainly never as '70s uber-cool as James Garner but they certainly should have involved in the movie. So Will Smith's apology was quite valid.
Anyhow, looking for some interviews with Conrad, I found this one from Cinefantastique - a kind of glossy fanzine where he freely speaks his mind:


My meeting with Sonnenfeld (Barry, producer/director of WWW) was blah. I just felt b.l.a.h. It was a courtesy on his part. When I didn't drop to my knees and kiss his ring after MEN IN BLACK, I think he had enough of me. And when I met Jon Peters (another producer on the film), it was Hollywood hype at its worst. You know there is a lot of decent, honest people in this community. Don Meyer, Brandon Tartikoff, Frank Price who ran Columbia, but every once in a while, you meet a jive-ass.... and Jon Peters is a jive-ass but I did want to do the film because he is such a talented hair dresser. I thought it would be great in between takes he could maybe do my hair.
He alleges to be a martial artist. He told me he was a martial artist and I find that suspect. But if he would ever like to prove it, I am certainly available.
Michael Dunn did such a great job playing Dr. Loveless, and he was by far the best villain on the show. There are so many talented dwarfs but they wanted Kenneth Brannagh. He was in HAMLET. It was tedious and tough for me to stay awake, I kept looking for Mel (Gibson). I don't mean to slam-dunk him but it was kind of lost. I've never seen Kevin Kline but I know he kissed Tom Selleck and Larry King. He is not Ross Martin. Kevin Spacey or Gary Sinese. Bottom line is the cast.

Conrad was great in his Columbo episode also...
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