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Episode 89.5 — 8/17/12 TWO CHARTED 28

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Feeling a bit of Olympic withdrawal? Get over it with this week’s Two Charted! Howard’s personal chart involves a possible trip overseas, the charisma of past Presidents, and a preview of a new Dragon Boy Suede track. Kulap’s chart on the other hand is a love letter to Vancouver featuring a cameo from Brody Stevens. So sit back, take an in summation sip of a beverage, and enjoy the rest of Summah!

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Thanks for the bringing the sounds of purity ring to mine ears!

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Is calling the original show "hooch" a new thing? cause it should be a thing.

I can confirm that here at Earwolf HQ, I've taken to calling the shows Whooch and Tooch. Let's take the good word(s) to the people!

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Damn Kulap, first Little Dragon and now Purity Ring! What other sweet sounds will you turn us onto?

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