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Episode 189 — The Pancake Man

Earwolf Admin's Photo Earwolf Admin 03 Dec 2012

One of our favorite film directors Werner Herzog and one of America’s favorite comedians Chris Fairbanks are here on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Werner lets us know about his upcoming acting debut and Chris reveals the truth behind pancakes and flapjacks. Will Werner give up directing? Why are pancakes plaguing the nation? Does role play come into a game of Would You Rather? All these questions and more will be answered once you give this episode a listen!

VampiresVampiresVampires's Photo VampiresVampiresVampires 03 Dec 2012

Even though I am smiling like a stupid chicken on the inside, I have forced myself to Klaus Kinski my mouth on the outside. I accept your judgement.

Gym Sockerman's Photo Gym Sockerman 03 Dec 2012

And I will see you at the computer lab at the movies, browsing ThingX.com, wearing my Bonobos, sipping on a Pepsi Next while listening to my Audible.com audio book, but never at the post office.

khd's Photo khd 03 Dec 2012

i love the stamps.com ads that scott's doing, they're really getting their money's worth :)

Inthehallwaynow's Photo Inthehallwaynow 03 Dec 2012

I cant wait for werner herzogs john grishams the pancake man starring werner herzog as said pancake man and one of the flap jacks the pancake man

Picklefucker's Photo Picklefucker 03 Dec 2012

Dueling Stewarts needs to be a regular feature, complete with uncomfortable Werner Herzog.

Shlappyguy's Photo Shlappyguy 03 Dec 2012

I guess Werner forgot that he already made his acting debut (as himself) in "Incident at Loch Ness". Makes sense, since he also forgot the name of the movie he was appearing in with Tom Cruise.

I was just listening to the latest Pod F Tompkast last night wherein Paul mused on creating a series where Garry Marshall and Werner Herzog travel around looking for crytozoological creatures- he should check out "Incidet at Loch Ness" for a partial preview of what that might look like.

Ryan West's Photo Ryan West 03 Dec 2012

I feel like if you sped/pitched Werner Herzog up by 15%, he would become John Malkovich.

mwn's Photo mwn 03 Dec 2012

We were so close to the return of Dismissive Jimmy Stewart!

Colin Fraser's Photo Colin Fraser 03 Dec 2012

I love Chris's closing of the gym floor reference on its own, but then to lead to the return of Aukerman's Jimmy Stewart; incredible.

Also, is anyone else concerned over the severe deflation of Would You Rather Points?

Cyrus Ghahremani's Photo Cyrus Ghahremani 03 Dec 2012

in 2008 i ate Kodiak Cakes on a daily basis, in place of bread if breakfast wasn't what was happening.

no regrets

ZacMof's Photo ZacMof 03 Dec 2012

Werner Herzog's John Grisham's The Pancake Man Starring Werner Herzog as said Pancake Man and one of the Flapjacks:
The Pancake Man

Henry's Photo Henry 03 Dec 2012

Werner also forgot that he had a pretty significant roll in "Julien Donkey-Boy"


Kickpuncher's Photo Kickpuncher 03 Dec 2012

Amazing episode. I think Herzog is my favorite PFT character. Oh, who am I kidding, they're all my favorite.

If Scott sings "Wipe-Out" in every ad from now on, I promise to buy a product or service from every Earwolf sponsor.

Cabbagehead's Photo Cabbagehead 03 Dec 2012

"I dream of Giant"

myownflag's Photo myownflag 03 Dec 2012

Werner has obviously not seen this deleted scene explaining the T-800's accent:


Sean G's Photo Sean G 03 Dec 2012

IMDb lists 23 acting credits for Mr. Herzog.

I too was hoping to get a teaser about Werner's upcoming project with Garry Marshall, but at the end when they made the time travel jokes I realized that this pre-taped episode probably happened before PFT even finished up the Great Undiscovered Project.

ppgwave's Photo ppgwave 03 Dec 2012

My god, I love a Werner Herzog episode. After a Werner episode, I have his voice in my head for days, making very serious commentary.

Ch-riss plays very nice Ch-aracters.

wheelchair girl's Photo wheelchair girl 03 Dec 2012

wow, a character incapable of humor talking to a man who found out he has arthritis. I have so many movie plot ideas swimming around in my head right now. Hey, I wonder if Magic Johnson would be available to play a child prostitute who is roommates with Ben Stein? This premise is gold. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Ben K's Photo Ben K 03 Dec 2012

Is it too much to ask for a one off podcast where Scott and Chris just talk about It's A Wonderful Life the whole time? That would be amazing.