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Episode 153 — Overachieving!

Earwolf Admin's Photo Earwolf Admin 04 Jan 2013

The lovely and talented comedy actress, Stephanie Escajeda came on and we discussed topics like overachieving in our teens to drug use to what to do when there's a giant, throbbing sale at the dildo store! Enjoy!

ScotchBingington's Photo ScotchBingington 04 Jan 2013

Are the Friday episodes not up yet on Earwolf? I can see this ep. on iTunes but not the Earwolf site or app.

Lauren Tyree's Photo Lauren Tyree 04 Jan 2013

We apologize for the delay. Some tech issues interfered with new eps. The episode is posted now:


Thanks for your patience!

Tinnitus's Photo Tinnitus 04 Jan 2013

Nobody gives a shit but Radiohead are known to have eschewed heroin, or more specifically cocaine for polite games of bridge in the early days while on tour. Maybe she was making a joke that went way over my head. Also if you liked Stephanie, her episode on the J.V Club podcast is insightful and worth your time. Laimewad out.