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Episode 101 - The Big Apple Bites: Live from Largo (w/ Jessica St. Clair, Jerry O’Connell)

Yesterday, 11:09 AM

Danielle is live from The Largo with Jessica St. Clair taking the co-host reigns in a pinch and special guest Jerry O'Connell who will fuck anyone to get on housewives (especially Ken!). They talk Jax's hero's journey, why housewives hate the rain, and the safety of magnetic eyelashes.

Plus Casey chimes in from set about the NY ladies cruise from hell and Jerry and Jess perform stunning scene between Siggy and Joshua that deserves all the oscars this awards season.

Episode 182.5 - Minisode 182.5

Yesterday, 01:26 AM

Babies listening to podcasts, a vasectomy update, and more on this week’s minisode! Paul goes through Corrections and Omissions for Rock Star, recommends some great stuff for you to check out in Paul’s Pick of the Week, and the Movie Bitches review The Greatest Showman. Plus, important info on next week’s movie!

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Where to Find Jason, June & Paul:
You can see Jason, June, and Paul in The Disaster Artist in theaters now.
Paul’s new comedy Drive Share is available on Go90. Paul can be seen on A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Opening Night, and Veep. You can see June and Paul on NTSF:SD:SUV:: on HULU. June stars in Grace and Frankie on Netflix, as well as Lady Dynamite alongside with Jason.
Jason can be seen in The Good Place, The House, The Lego Batman Movie, How to Be Single, Sleeping with Other People, and is still indeed in The Dictator.

Episode 99 - Jeff Foxworthy Is Rastafarian Now (w/ Jason Saenz)

21 February 2018 - 12:59 AM

Newly dreadlocked comedian Jeff Foxworthy (Jason Saenz) brings a backpack full of essential oils to the shores of Hard Nation. With his PR rep (who is a cactus) in tow, he teaches a hapless Mark how to tell his patented “redneck” jokes. Plus: Pete hypothesizes what Olympic curlers are like in the bedroom.

Episode 19 - Is It A Gilmore Girl? (w/ Brett Davis, Marilyn Firestone)

21 February 2018 - 12:50 AM

Comedian/Jo's boyfriend Brett Davis (The Podcast For Laundry, The Special Without Brett Davis) and Jo's mom Marilyn Firestone join Jo & Manolo to play listener-created games with callers.
Games played: You Know Who I'm Talking About, Jo No! I Hate This Game, and Time Loop, Time Loop

Episode 964 - From Black Panther to J.J. Reddick (w/ Priyanka Mattoo)

21 February 2018 - 12:48 AM

Comedy writer Priyanka Mattoo joins Andrew to discuss Black Panther breaking expectations, J.J. Reddick sparking outrage after using a racial slur in NBA Chinese New Year video, a caller asking advice on how to tell people they are not asian after they hear their last name, and much more.