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Episode 142 - Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport: T.G.I.G.O.T.G.OST 2

Today, 11:40 AM

T.G.I.G.O.T.G.OST (Thank God It’s the Guardians of the Galaxy Original Soundtrack) with Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport has returned! On a very special episode, the entire cast of Guardians of the Galaxy (except Vin Diesel) joins them to talk about their favorite tracks and answer the show’s core question, “Why did this music make us bop and dance in our seats?”. Later, Traci Reardon arrives to share which are her Twitter followers favorite songs from the soundtrack in another edition of “Help Me, Rhonda.”

Episode 131 - Chris Giliberti, Head of Multiplatform at Gimlet Media

Yesterday, 01:57 AM

Chris Giliberti, Head of Multiplatform at Gimlet Media joins Lex Friedman and Chris Bannon on The Wolf Den. The three discuss Giliberti's early days at Gimlet, and transition to his current position from his original role as Chief of Staff. Chris also explains his method for divining which podcast properties can be best adapted for screen as well as new emerging formats.

Episode 2116 - Paul Reiser

Yesterday, 01:57 AM

Sitting on the stairs with Paul Reiser.

Episode 72 - Love Doctors

Yesterday, 01:56 AM

This Thanksgiving, Negin pushes politics to the side of her plate and welcomes a medley of guests to debate big questions about love and relationships. Should you stay friends with your ex? Why are there so many unmarried Americans? How do you know if you’re in love? Plus, some musings on whether or not to post about your relationship on social media.

Episode 82 - Ruth Reichl

Yesterday, 01:55 AM

Ruth Reichl, the esteemed chef, food editor, and beautiful writer of words for Gourmet Magazine and LA Times joins Sarah and Susan to talk about the 2016 Olympic Moms ad by Procter and Gamble, the poem The Gaffe by CK Williams, the short story The Stone Boy by Gina Berriault, and Frank Sinatra’s “One For My Baby.”