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In Topic: Musical Mondays-Week 4-Beauty and the Beast

05 February 2017 - 01:55 PM

View PostFister Roboto, on 05 February 2017 - 10:32 AM, said:

If you want an excellent companion piece to Assassins, you should read Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation. It focuses on John Wilkes Booth, Charles Guiteau, and Leon Czolgosz. It's kind of a mix of travelogue and history centered around those assassinations. I first checked out Assassins because she talks about it in the first chapter of the book (and if you like audio books, that version has a ton of great people reading it). So the two are kind of linked in my brain because they cover similar-ish subject matter and are both totally awesome.

yes yes yes yes yes!!! Someone gave me this book as a gift when I played Squeaky in Assassins and it is SUCH an interesting book. +1 highly recommend as well

In Topic: Musical Mondays-Week 4-Beauty and the Beast

04 February 2017 - 02:24 PM

Hey you guys, I'm sorry to burst in here with slightly off-topic posting but I didn't know where else I could post this and I needed to share...

The Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack is on Spotify and iTunes and YouTube and all the places now and it's a really beautiful musical and I just really really like it and I needed to tell some other musical lovers and share the good news.

Seems like y'all are having a ton of fun with this and I wish I wasn't so busy and could participate. Anyway, carry on!

In Topic: Show us your Earwolf swag!!

03 February 2017 - 06:40 PM


There's a bunch of great new stuff in the Earwolf store right now so I wanted to remind everyone that this thread exists and it's like one of the oldest threads on the board and it's my favorite one.

SO show us your Earwolf swag plz

In Topic: Nerd Poker Stopped Working?

02 February 2017 - 01:08 PM

Hi Sam,

Nerd Poker is now exclusively available on Howl.fm and Stitcher Premium. You can sign up for either and get a 7 day free trial with the $4.99 monthly plan, or 30 days with the currently special priced $34.99 annual plan. This will give you access to tons of original podcasts and archives, stand up albums and more. It's not just for Nerd Poker if that helps sweeten the deal. You can listen on the app for iOS and Android, or on the Howl website (Stitcher will have web listening soon).

If you have any more questions about this or need help signing up or anything please email me support@howl.fm and I'd be more than happy to help out! :)

In Topic: Episode 10: Fame and Consequences

01 February 2017 - 12:24 PM

View PostEvilLincoln, on 01 February 2017 - 09:30 AM, said:

Does anyone know the bizarre pop rock song played at the end of a recent episode with the lyrics "Why'd you have to do it, crazy al?"

Got the answer from our engineer The Reverend John DeLore!