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In Topic: The Season 2 Teaser Episode

01 March 2018 - 03:40 PM

2014 was a great year for podcasting. Good to see one of the reasons returning to our ears!

In Topic: Episode 2 - Game Shows

18 November 2017 - 12:13 PM

Kinda wish they'd read some wikipedia articles about these shows before trying to talk about them...

In Topic: Episode 1 - The First One

08 November 2017 - 08:00 AM

I hope when they start digging deeper into specific topics that they'll go back and rewatch some of the stuff.

In Topic: Episode 174.5 - Minisode 174.5

03 November 2017 - 10:05 PM

What's next week's movie?

In Topic: Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

28 October 2017 - 07:04 PM

Based on Jason's reaction to Paul reading the synopses of the the previous Friday the 13th films, it makes me wish they would do some bonus episodes where they watch all the Friday the 13th movies and discuss them. Maybe like for Stitcher Premium or something.