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    I was very disappointed their birthday was some random day in April instead of February 22nd.
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    Number 100, sweet! So I thought long and hard about my next pick and eventually picked something that is a little deeper compared to others. So we are going with: Light of Day (1987) by Paul Schrader and starring Michael J. Fox, Joan Jett and Gena Rowlands. You can easily watch it for free on YouTube.
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    Let's talk astronomy and what this movie got right, wrong and very wrong. First the right. Hamal is indeed a star that is part of the Aries constellation and yes technically during that period of April the Aries constellation would be visible from New York from roughly 7 AM to 8 PM. Now the wrong. They start off by saying that the star Hamal is going supernova but it is nowhere near going supernova. This is a very rare occurrence. The next major star to go supernova would be Betelgeuse and that's estimated to be in within 100,000 years which in astronomy is fairly soon. In fact we know when a star will go supernova because it's light gets dimmer and dimmer which happens over centuries and as far as we know this has not been happening to Hamal at all as it is still one of the 50 brightest stars. Finally, what they got very wrong and by very wrong I mean none of the writers thought to use google level wrong. Throughout the film we are shown the constellation of "Aries" and it is depicted as three stars making a triangular shape. This fits it with the three people that died in 1986 being reincarnated and repeating 30 years later part of the story. This is very thematic but unfortunately... that's not the constellation Aries. Aries has three prominent stars but there is also a forth star that is part of it. The bigger problem is that these three prominent stars don't make a triangular shape at all but more of a line with a hooked end shape. So why the confusion? Right by Aries is another constellation called Triangulum which as you can guess by the name is three stars that do very much make a triangle. In fact when we see the mural in Grand Central Station you can see Triangulum above Aries's head. It is this constellation that we see throughout the movie when we cut to the constellation in the sky and the triangular shaped imagery. The real Aries at Grand Central Station only has two of it's four stars prominently highlighted. This movie arbitrarily throws one more highlighted star but puts it in the wrong spot and wrong direction so it can in fact make a triangle.
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    Also I got super distracted about trying to read the one club basement's walls Now if you looks close at about 1 o'clock coming out of Jett's head, it says "THE GLOVE". I couldn't get a full picture of that part, but someone had written "SMELL THE GLOVE" there. Which if you don't know is Michael McKean's other band's album:
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    The weirdest thing about this is that I thought "Michael Mckean is absolutely not convincing as a bassist in a rock band" but Spinal Tap had already come out.
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    I am not looking forward to this movie. There is nothing more I hate than these movies that are trying to be bad on purpose. I think the reason a lot of us like so bad they are good movies is that they are earnest and honest with their schlock. There is a big difference between the first Sharknado and the third one. It went from doing something silly and fun to being way too in on the joke and taking the humor away by not even trying or trying to be funny when it is just lazy. That's why I think Black Dynamite is one of the best comedies of the last 20 years or so. It understood what made blaxplotation films fun and bad and recreated that in an honest way for laughs. To the point where there are subtle things like booms dipping into shots and purposeful "bad" acting that sell those jokes. It comes off as a bad movie, but you know everything was done for a reason and thought out to be a reference or callback to these movies its making fun of. Most of the time these film makers think that you just slap something together and call it intentional you call all laugh at it even though it's just an excuse for them to actually craft jokes or film something with style.
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    Can I say that I've listened to this episode three times now and think it is one of the funniest they've done in a while and that I've laughed harder this week than I have in months? Also, Paul, please ... we just GOT to hear more about June's self-reincarnation theories -- who she's reincarnated from, how her system works, when she started to believe this, the works. We "put it over there for a minute", but it's been many minutes now, so dish.
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    The average annual salary for an air traffic controller was $118,430 as of May 2012, according to the Bureau or Labor Statistics. The top 10 percent earned more than $171,340 per year. The federal government paid air traffic controllers an average of $121,470. According to Glass Door the average income for pilot: $78,566/yr Assuming these figures are accurate, and they probably vary a bit, that’s a $40k pay cut, with a LOT of traveling. Probably not the best choice choice for a new father.
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    He was born to run! I think he was definitely the Joan part, they have a lot of similarities... though I wonder when the kid came in to the story then? That storyline would have been odd for a man.
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    Personally, I think The Barbusters is a terrible name for a band. They're never getting anywhere with that. That being said, I will say a lot of the band dynamics felt really true to life. Especially in that, "big enough to be kind of well-known locally" locally way. Shit like embarrassing each other on stage and playing bits of songs and then stopping, was very much a part of my band experience. Even that dismissive attitude toward bands that are little too polished felt real to me.
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    I thought that was interesting until I looked up how old Born In The USA is. Born In The USA, the song, was recorded in 1982 (written in 1981, but who knows if the title was a part of the song in 1981) This movie came out in 1987. Paul Schrader had this kicking around for five years and this is the best he got? That kind of makes sense though. I could see Schrader having a good script, then tinkering with it once Springsteen leaves. Then tinkering with some new ideas that cause some other things to need cut out. Then you just get this thing that doesn't quite do anything interesting. For sure. I went from "They're brother and sister" to "oh jeez, I can't believe I thought they were brother and sister" to "ewww...they're brother and sister?!?" I was making lunch while watching the first half hour and chalked part of my confusion up to that, but then it kind of maintained that weird level of way too close family stuff.
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    I don't have a sister, but this is weird right? Who slow dances with their sister like they're about to make out?
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    Here's Trent Reznor (in the background)
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    I thought Joan Jett was the best part tbh. It seems she got ripped a lot for her casting/performance, but I enjoyed her here. Should she be carrying a big movie? Nah, but I liked her. Everyone else was too mundane.
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    On paper, this is a great movie. Written by Paul Schrader. Original music but Bruce Springsteen. Examination of a blue collar family torn apart and healed at the end of Reagan's America. Gena Rowlands. Michael J. Fox at the peak of his fame. This could easily have been a miniseries for television that people still talked about today. This is just flat throughout. Every big reveal doesn't get much out of me. The acting is just okay. I don't think the casting is bad but everyone feels unconvincing in most scenes. I don't buy Michael J. Fox ever in this band. Joan Jett never quite pulls off the biggest emotional scenes (but I do think she's decent in this). The movie looks cheap. There are some good scenes but most of this feels 75% there. Like every person in this production said "yeah, I think we got it that time," but they didn't get it.
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    OK, this is quite the milestone! With great power comes great responsibility. SlidePocket, whatya got?
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    So based on all this evidence do we think he just walks around in a pilot's outfit he bought somehow? Is he trying to go full Secret here and manifest to the universe his dreams?
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    You obviously have never lived with a environmentalist grandma who believed in washing and reusing aluminum foil,
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    Both Daario and Theresa Palmer make a huge deal about sharing the same birthday, but statistically speaking, beyond a slight "Huh, that's kind of cool" moment, it's not really all that impressive. Every person on Earth has a 1 in 365 (0.3%) chance of sharing a birthday with any random person they meet -- which isn't nothing. Furthermore, according to the "Birthday Paradox," if you take a room full of people, say 50 people enjoying an evening of sensual aerial ballet, the odds that two (or more) people share a birthday actually increases! I'll spare everyone the "math" of it all (although if you're interested, you can find it here, here, and here), but if we go by my estimate of about 50 people at the ballet, there is a whopping 97% chance that two people in that room were born on the same day! (At which point, it would actually be more impressive if two people in that crowd *didn't* share a birthday.) It portends nothing. There's nothing magical, mystical or even all that unusual about it. At best, it's trivial ephemera you might share at a dinner party when all other topics have all been totally exhausted.
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    She's "taking the train to Millhurst" should be popular euphemism for someone insane.
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    I also thought it crazy that the ticket booth operator was so checked out he didn’t even blink an eye that to two different people requested tickets to a train that hasn’t run in thirty years. I believe he even repeats the exact same line. How many people are trying to get to Milhurst? And if it’s that popular of a destination that the ticket booth operator has his response memorized, maybe a train SHOULD be going to Milhurst.
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    Is the "Millhurst" that they keep wanting to travel to a fictional town, or are they referring to Millhurst, New Jersey? If it's the town in New Jersey, then that is nowhere near Poughkeepsie, which is where they end up getting tickets for because the Millhurst train doesn't run anymore. In fact, doing a quick Google map search, Poughkeepsie is about 120 miles away from Millhurst. If someone was looking to go to Millhurst, surely the man at the ticket booth would give them tickets to somewhere closer to their desired location than that. Also, the ticket booth operator keeps saying that the Millhurst line hasn't run for 30 years. Are we to believe that the shooting incident in this film somehow led to the termination of the Millhurst line? What if Dylan, Sarah, and Jonas have been reincarnated multiple times and every time it ends with people who want to go to Millhurst shooting each other and they closed down the line believing it was cursed? Or maybe it is just a case of Grand Central realizing that the only people who would ever want to visit New Jersey are deeply troubled individuals.
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    I think that signing it “D” is even funnier than “Dylan” because I would immediately think he was talking about his dick. Or maybe quoting his dick in the text?
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