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    Seems to not have made the cut on the ep but at the show Jason started in almost immediately at how weirdly pervy and sexual this movie could be and I agreed completely. The very first sentence that we hear Martin Landau speak is "This log has a will of its own." To which I could only respond, "That's what she said." This totally set the tone for me for the whole rest of this bonkers movie. So many wood puns turned double entendre. The wallpaper on Paul's Mac would attest to the perv quotient of this movie as well. Both shows were so great! 6 for 6 at Chicago shows and they just keep getting better! Thanks guys! And check out this Jason-being-a-creeper progression during our photo op, had no clue why the lady taking the photos was taking so many pictures and laughing so hard until hours later!
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    Do you think Marvin being the referee because he is both an alien and a Looney Toon and therefore impartial was intentional or is that giving this movie too much credit?
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    I think this is interesting in the context of Lola being a Looney Tunes character. The classic versions of Bugs, Daffy, etc. (especially the antagonist characters) are habitually self-centered, if not narcissistic. They are content to humiliate their opponents, deriving pleasure and comedy from their victories, with their end goal being to be left alone. The idea of actually stopping, say, Elmer Fudd from killing other sentient Tunes is totally against their nature. They actively turn his guns TOWARDS each other (see: Duck Season vs. Rabbit Season). Lola would be much more at home in the world of Tiny Toon Adventures or Animaniacs, where it was far easier to find altruism and friendship among the main characters.
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    I recognize this movie is a commercial, but aren't almost all kids movies, especially animated ones? Artistic merits notwithstanding, a movie like WALL-E presents itself as a cautionary fable, warning us about the dangers of rampant consumerism, cultural complacency, and excess waste, all the while generating thousands of individual products with adorable robots, complete with Disney and Pixar branding, all of which create their own waste. Don't get me wrong, WALL-E is a beautiful film, but at least Space Jam is honest about its blatant consumerism. It's not hiding behind a cute, doughy-eyed Pixar creation. No one is telling you can go "To Infinity And Beyond," as long as you buy this $25 action figure, they're just trying to get you to buy some fucking Gatorade.
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    You ever know whatever happened to the life of a mysterious glam rock megastar? Which is why my next pick for this series is... Velvet Goldmine by Todd Haynes, and starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Ewan McGregor, Christian Bale and Toni Collette!
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    Why are you denying Paul McCartney your father’s underwear?? I’m mean, if he’s that desperate at two in the morning to get his geriatric ass outta bed and steal clothes, there must be a good reason. Why be a hater?
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    In all fairness, the sexualizing of Looney Tunes characters has a long and distinguished history. This is classy stuff, people! And for kids!
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    When Jordan is initially seized by the Tune Squad, he is informed by Bugs that they are mostly concerned that they will be forced to perform “the same jokes every night.” However, as Paul mentions in the episode, according to the movie’s universe, all Looney Tunes cartoons perform their respective cartoons live. So if Bugs Bunny’s first appearance was in 1940, by the movie’s logic, that means he’s already been performing the same act, non-stop, for 56 years. Aren’t they kind of already doing what they’re afraid they’ll be forced to do? Instead of the threat being “we’re going to make you keep doing what you love doing, at the same frequency you’re already doing it, just someplace else,” wouldn’t the more appropriate conflict for a movie like this be if the aliens wanted them to *stop* being Looney altogether? At least then the threat becomes existential. Either they win the game, or they cease to be. This also can extend the threat to our Earth by claiming that without their zany antics, our world will turn into dreary, garbage can fire lit dystopia. I don’t know, but “forcing me to do the thing I love to do forever” seems pretty weak as far as stakes go.
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    Surprised the soundtrack didn’t come up at all. “The soundtrack peaked at #2 on the US Billboard 200. It was certified double platinum in January 1997. In 2001, the soundtrack was certified 6x Platinum” Seal - Fly Like An Eagle R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly (separate the art from the artist...) LL Cool J, Method Man, Coolio, Busta Rhymes, B-Real - Hit ‘Em High Quad City DJ’s - Space Jam Monica - For You I Will Some great songs on this soundtrack for sure.
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    My favourite part of this episode is when Paul started talking about sports, and most of the audience had no idea what he was talking about. Then I realised that must be what it's like when I talk about Mortal Kombat. "You see, that's this woman named 'Kronika', she's the keeper of time, and she's pissed at Raiden for fucking with the timeline in MK9, so she's coming after him, and brings people from the past to help her..."
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    If my memory is correct, someone else pulls the comments for him to read. I know he's incredibly busy these days so I'm not sure how much he gets on the forums anymore (if you see this Paul - you're always welcome here with open arms). So, I believe that he is truly reacting to things he reads this way because he has no idea that entire things have been omitted. Can't explain how he could forget an entire quote from Spirit of Christmas tho Also found out today that he does receive gifs on his text app so I have in fact been sending him Family gifs throughout the day lol. This is my contribution to the greater good.
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    Loved this episode until the end. How dare Michael Bay II be Electric Boogaloo. I know it's an obvious pun but I don't support his cause and I hope the "you win" doesn't mean we have given in to this terrorist. Also, how dare Paul insult my beloved SPACE JAM after spending an hour talking about F9. Is it a good movie? No, but it makes me happy. F&F isn't good either! Fight me! And I'm not around next week to defend it. I feel like this date was chosen to spite me.
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    HAHA.. ok, I'm laughing cuz I'm so confused right now. I was gonna come on and say "oh no, caller 'stole' my comment" (and WON!)...or at least, ya know, ALSO knew the same part of the story. Regardless, I was glad that the cricket dying by hammer was brought up in general. BUT THEN, Paul immediately reads my comment, and omits the part where I was referencing the fact he died by hammer in the original story. Which was kinda the whole point of the comment. lol..."REJECTED"...oh man. Not sure if that was selective editing or honest oversight. Just wonder if I can take a small slice of the caller's nothing as I see myself out. Part of my post not read: "...one element of the source material that never got mentioned was that (in the source material) when Pinocchio meets the talking cricket who warns him about being disobedient, Pinocchio throws a hammer at him and kills him." Without that, it makes it sound like I think the cricket is a ghost for ghost sake...I was saying he's a ghost BECAUSE they were alluding to the source material and he got stepped on (rather than being hit by a hammer). ugh, now I just sound like an idiot. [trumpet: wha whaa] Also, glad he played the DDF confrontation that was edited out of the episode. It was a great part of the night.
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    Did anyone else feel like Pinocchio’s lies at the end of the movie we’re pretty fucked up and cruel? Like, I get that he’s trying to hit the monster’s gag reflex with his massive wooden nose, but there’s no rule in the movie that the growth in his nose has any correlation to the magnitude of the lie he’s telling. Instead of looking his caregiver and guardian in the eye and calling him a piece of trash, couldn’t Pinocchio have just said, “Snow is hot” or something else equally prosaic? Gepetto might be a big old sack of who-gives-a-fuck as a character, but he did risk his life to save your ass, you ungrateful little abomination. He was swallowed by a rival puppeteer. His day has been bad enough.
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    The studio must have really thought this movie was going to be a bigger deal than it was. I was reading an article about it written back in 1996 where the director, Steve Barron (who also directed the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie) says that it took two years just to get the songs rights. Stevie Wonder wrote and performed two songs for the movie. I also discovered that this film actually had trading cards. Not surprisingly, the majority of the cards seem to feature Jonathan Taylor Thomas despite him being in the film for less than five minutes. And for those of you who are thinking this is the only way to get an Udo Kier trading card, you would be wrong. He is also featured in trading cards for Barb Wire, another HDTGM classic.
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    I find it a bit disconcerting just how unquestioningly eager Jordan’s kids were to aid and abet Bugs and Daffy in stank basketball shorts larceny. I know they’re fans of the toons and all, but that’s really not an excuse. I mean, I’m a huge Beatles fan, but if Paul McCartney were to a break into my house at two in the morning to steal my father’s shoes and underwear, I’m going to call the motherfucking cops. Hell, Bugs and Daffy don’t even tell the kids *why* they’re stealing Michael Jordan memorabilia until they’re halfway out the door. Honestly, how much of a fuck up of a father do you have to be that your kids will gleefully give up your most prized possessions at the drop of a hat?
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    According to IMDb: ”Courtney Love considered supplying music to the film's soundtrack; however, she withdrew after viewing a rough cut, claiming that the character of Curt Wild too closely resembled her late husband Kurt Cobain, both in character and physicality.” Did...she not know her husband or ever listen to his music?
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    There's actually another version of movie. However, in this one, the puppet overthrows a South American government, and heads up a fascistic military dictatorship. It's called "Pinochet-o"
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    I approve this choice. It's on sale for $4.99.
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    Did anyone else find it odd that in a story in which one of the major themes is “don’t tell lies,” that at the end of the movie—when Pinocchio tricks Felinet and Volpe into drinking the tainted amusement park water— the lesson Pinocchio appears to have learned isn’t so much ”lying is bad” but rather “when there are zero consequences, you can 100% weaponize lies to exact revenge on those who have wronged you?”
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    One thing that I thought was funny that wasn't touched on in the episode was at the beginning of the whale scene. When Pinocchio enters, Geppetto says that Pinocchio looks so skinny and asks if he has eaten. First, it's been like 3 hours since he last seen him, it's not like he would be withering away. And secondly, he's a puppet. He doesn't lose weight. My only thought is that maybe he was referring to the bullet holes after being shot. But that didn't make him skinny. P.s. loved the show and it was great meeting you.
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    I probably liked this more than most here. Maybe it's because it was constantly on tv, but I didn't have a problem with the number of characters. Sort of like high school IRL, you know of lots of kids in your class peripherally, but you don't really know their story beginning to end. My favorite part was the graduation scene. Loved the song, the choreo, the familiar faces in the audience, and the warm gold light in the auditorium. It was such a hopeful and joyous moment, but also heartbreaking because we know most of them will become struggling artists.
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