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    Fun fact: Ewan McGregor tells a story of how he and Christian Bale had to film a rooftop sex scene where the director and camera crew were positioned on the next building. There were instructions beforehand but once they were, so to speak, up there, they were on their own. So Ewan and Christian got on with it, and did their sexy acting for what seemed like a very long time. They then thought, "well they must have enough footage now" and Ewan turned to the next rooftop and shouted to the crew "Was that OK!?!?" At which point they saw that the director and crew had already packed up and left.
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    Best part of the movie: Bill Murray: It's 'cause I'm white, isn't it? Michael Jordan: No. Larry's white, so what? Bill Murray: Larry's not white. Larry's clear.
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    I am simultaneously thrilled that I finally have unique information to impart on an HDTGM movie and horrified that this is that movie... Paul mentioned that Chuck Jones hated this movie. But you're not going to find an interview where he said so, because he never did, publicly. The news of Chuck Jones hating Space Jam actually originated with my friend and I. We were 17 when Space Jam came out and were (are) huge Looney Tunes fanatics. We bought and read every book we could on the subject... and Chuck Jones was our idol. We also happened to have a mutual friend: Mike Peters, the cartoonist behind the comic strip "Mother Goose and Grimm." One day, when we were at Mike's house, he surprised us by calling Chuck Jones on the phone and letting us speak to him on speakerphone for about 20 minutes. Space Jam had come out not too long before and we HATED IT. We also noticed that Chuck Jones was apparently not consulted or involved with the film in any way, despite recently having been given a lifetime appointment at WB animation. We could find nothing about his thoughts on it, so we asked him directly. His immediate response was: "Oh, it was terrible!" and went on to talk about how he had spent decades with these characters and said how painful it was to see them all acting almost completely out of character, doing and saying things they never would. After the call, Mike told us that Chuck disparaged the movie while giving a talk on the lot and was actually removed from the event! In 2008, Trevor wrote a blog post about our experience talking with Chuck, and that post has been cited all over the internet, spreading the news of Chuck's hate wide. Trevor has since become YouTube's "Looney Tunes Critic," a project he launched with a two-part video called "Space Jam Stinks," breaking down how awful this movie is over the course of an hour. Having argued with millennials for the last decade about what a piece of garbage this movie is, I am SO HAPPY that HDTGM tackled it. It's nice to have Paul, Jason and June firmly in my corner on this one.
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    Animaniacs is coming back? I loved that when I was younger, never knew why it got cancelled, until I actually read what happened to it, and as it turns out, it's this guy named Jamie Kellner who did it, and Jamie Kellner is a shit dick. He had a reputation for cancelling popular shows, because he didn't like them. He was the man who had the biggest hand in killing the silver age of Warner Bros. animation. So, if you liked: Batman: The Animated Series, and all of the shows in relation to that Animaniacs Freakazoid Tiny Toon Adventures Pinky and the Brain All but one, cancelled by Kellner. Apparently, because those shows were more popular among adolescents, and teens, Kellner decided "They're cartoons, cartoons are for little kids", and took a scythe to them, because of the advertisers, who were selling products aimed at younger kids. The show that wasn't cancelled, Pinky and the Brain, got poochied, when they added Elmyra Duff, and called it "Pinky, The Brain, and Elmyra", and it died a slow agonising death. And, just to add the cherry to the shit dick cake, Kellner is also the man who killed World Championship Wrestling, despite it being the highest rated show on TNT, because "I just don't like wrestling". Eric Bischoff had formed a consortium to buy the company from AOL-Time Warner, Kellner said "Okay, you can have the name, the trademarks, and the library, but I'm cancelling the TV shows, and not providing distribution", without that, it was worthless. So, instead of selling WCW for a huge amount of money and having 4 hours of high rated programming on the schedule, he cancelled the show, and Vince McMahon bought WCW for $2.7 million... at one point, WCW was worth close to $500 million. So, fuck Jamie Kellner.
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