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    As a bald/balding man who smokes a pipe on occasion and is severely disgusted by feet, this episode really spoke to me.
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    Also to my knowledge, the plane is considered to be in the jurisdiction of the country its registered to, until it hits the landing strip of the country its going to. This money plane has to be registered to some country right?
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    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE CRIME IN INTERNATIONAL AIRSPACE! In researching "international air" and "committing crimes," you find that the same laws apply to international waters. One article, again more specific to crimes committed in International Waters, notes that "the simple fact is, no one lives in international waters forever. Once you reach the port, you may have to show responsibility for the crimes that you’ve committed. That is, if no one catches you before. So no, international waters are not technically no one’s land where you can do whatever you want." And as Jason brought up... what crimes were actually being committed on the plane? I mean the only illegal activity outside of gambling without a license, is The Concierge shooting a guy for cheating. Yes, we see people betting on how long someone will survive a snake bite or a pool of piranhas, but the act of those specific events are happening on the ground where laws will surely punish those perpetrating it! Also Paul, based on your past experience... what were your feelings on the acting of the guy being devoured by Piranhas?
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    Putting aside Joey’s fake hairline, the fact that Paul, June and Jason didn’t recognize Thomas Jane or that Kelsey Grammer clearly says his nickname is The Rumble (what the hell is a Grumble team!)… the most upsetting issue is why the bookkeeper wore an earring so high up when he in fact has an available hole in the “normal” spot. It was soooo distracting!
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    Anyone else catch the final hand of Texas Hold'em, the dealer throws out 4 cards at the beginning vs 3 cards and then do a round of betting before the 4th is tossed out! Just fucking sloppy! Guess it's no Online War!
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    So much wonderfully wrong with this movie. - When they're playing Russian Roulette they offer odds of 20/1. For a world-renowned bad guy airplane casino they really don't have much of a grasp of probability! - So eh... HOW do you bet on a man fucking an alligator? Is it like the dude versus the snake - you wager on how long he'll last? - Why is Mcgillicuddy doing a cartoon sneak when he's moving around the plane? Definitely won't attract suspicion that way. - When the plane gets knocked about during the cockpit fight why does NOBODY GO TO CHECK WHAT'S HAPPENING? They assure passengers that everything is fine but don't bother going up to make sure the pilots haven't y'know, died or been beaten up or something? - WHY IS THERE NO SECURITY ON THIS PLANE EXCEPT FOR THE TWO DUDES RUNNING THE SHOW?
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    So which one of these two is Thomas Jane supposed to be?
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    Because we did not see The Rumble actually get killed at the end of this film, I believe it is because they have plans for a sequel. The film will be called Money Crane and it will involve Grouch blackmailing a new crew of criminals to steal a rare, expensive bottle of Chavignon Blanc that he and his brother Niles can enjoy at their next wine tasting event.
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    Also we see the plane is departing from a HUGE airport where they would surely have to register it with the TSA.
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    The version I watched seems to be a mix between the theatrical and the director's cut. What I watched was definitely three hours but imdb says it has a black and white scene which I don't remember. I appreciate this movie on a few levels. It is very well acted. I think the staging and costuming is all great. But this felt very long. I also thought many of the musical numbers would have been better served as dialogue. I do like that this does bring to life colonial America in a way that textbooks really don't though. If there was a version of this that was under two hours, I could see liking this a lot more and showing it to students.
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    You say you want a revolution... We watched:
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    This was like a knock off DVD of an episode of Leverage and honestly I loved every stupid second.
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    Crap. Alan Parker died. Watch Evita, Fame, The Commitments, Bugsy Malone, Pink Floyd's The Wall, or whatever I might have missed this weekend.
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    The Ringer did an oral history on Money Plane: https://www.theringer.com/movies/2020/7/14/21320061/money-plane-oral-history-kelsey-grammer Asked 9 questions about it: https://www.theringer.com/movies/2020/7/10/21319193/money-plane-questions-kelsey-grammer-the-edge-vod And did an exit survey on it: https://www.theringer.com/movies/2020/7/13/21322693/money-plane-review-exit-survey-kelsey-grammer-edge Seems like this movie is getting recognition for all the wrong reasons! Good choice for the podcast.
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    I'm going to add Quiver Distribution to the list of winners during this pandemic along with billionaires and insider-trading senators. I feel like they took advantage of the absence of movies in the theater to pretend like this would have been theatrically released. Even before HDTGM covered it I was aware of its existence but that should never have been the case for a movie like this that should have gone straight to the $3 DVD rack at a gas station. This movie is so stupid in so many ways but I think this one may set a record for how fast it gets there. In the very first seconds of the movie in the voice over Man Bun is talking about the importance of having a good team by saying "It takes more than one flint to start a fire" and using it as if it is a well understood metaphor for a strong team with a diverse skill set. It doesn't take a team of flint to start a fire it takes just two pieces. And they can be identical. Unless you are including the kindling and wood that gets burned as part of your team metaphor?
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    I wanted to roast them for not recognizing Thomas Jane but I didn't recognize Joey Lawrence. So, I guess I don't have any room to say anything. I did at least recognize Matthew Lawrence which is strange because I don't think I've seen anything he's done since Mrs. Doubtfire.
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    So when the plane returns to the terminal, do you think there is ever an issue where someone accidentally leaves with your weapon. Along the lines of taking the wrong umbrella at a restaurant? Where is the filing system?! Oh and why did the main hostess assume her staff are carrying firearms? I mean that feels like a HUGE safety issue if I were a passenger and could be killed by the flight attendant for asking for more warmed nuts.
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    "Man Bun is so big, he's too big" - June Diane Raphael. This goes to show you how insane the WWE was a few years ago. Adam "Edge" Copeland is 6'5" and around 240lbs. That was considered "average sized" in WWE.
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    Trailer Park Boys don't do it for you in the Canadian pride department?
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    It still frustrates me that John Adams doesn’t have a statue on the National Mall. I’d love to see one made for him (Preferably, with Abagail next to him ) Jefferson is a toughy. He was no doubt brilliant, but on a personal level, he’s definitely more problematic. I mean, on the one hand he did resolve to free his slaves, but in the end, due to excessive debt from his extravagant lifestyle, he never actually followed through. Weird (disturbing) fact, Jefferson truly did love his wife Martha and carried a locket of her hair with him until his death. He never remarried, although, obviously, there was Sally Hemmings (which I refuse to call a “relationship”). Sally Hemmings was actually the half-sister of Martha (through rape) and his attraction to her was apparently due to her strong resemblance to his deceased wife.
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    Honestly, I really enjoyed the hell out of this. I've known about the musical for forever but had never seen it, neither on stage or in film. I guess... I've been sort of pushing against the mythos of the Founding Fathers for a long time, and while the film does play in that sandbox (especially with Jefferson), I found 1776 generally irresistible. I love that it pointed out the hypocrisy of both the South AND the North in their mutual complicity for slavery, even as the Northern representatives decried the practice for its inhumanity. And, like @Cameron H., I really do admire John Adams, and I enjoy seeing these events from his perspective. He spoke more eloquently and forcefully against slavery (having never owned one) than any other of these rich white dudes, and just... as someone with a cold, desiccated heart, I can't help but be warmed by his genuine love and respect for his wife. The lifelong love affair and friendship between those two is so remarkable, especially for the time, that I can't help but look at the two of them with great fondness. Two brilliant minds buoyed by their connection to one another.
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    I'm curious how all this plays to the non-Americans who might have watched this. I can't say I had some jingoistic tear in my eye as I watched history come alive, but there is some kind of "oh, this is kind of neat" feeling I wouldn't have from a movie about literally any other country declaring independence.
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    Mr. Feeny KITT Dr. Mark Craig you young whippersnapper
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    I also really like the music in this even if it isn't doing anything particularly groundbreaking. It has an easy, humable vibe to it that I really enjoy. I have had "The Egg" in my head since last night, and "Is Anybody There?" is a tour de force from Mr Feeny Kit John Adams.
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    The version I watched was 2:47 not sure which one that is and I think there was a black and white scene with Adams and his wife but I could be wrong. Also odd compared to last weeks movie which was also three hours, I felt that Fiddler moved a bit more. This one had some slow patches, particularly at the start, that made it feel it's length.
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