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    Speaking of that cow milking scene, I was waiting for Gene to make a “this is udderly ridiculous” joke. He didn’t
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    I literally said out loud at least five times " Christ he's hot" or various versions of that. Gene Kelly can GET IT even in the great beyond.
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    I just want to say Judy's suit jacket look? ICONIC!!!
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    I have to say, I literally gasped when comic relief guy broke the tractor. I was horrified.
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    Although similar, Summer Stock is far more flavorful and well-rounded than Summer Broth. We watched;
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    Gene Kelly is so attractive ( to me ) that i can't see anything with him in it. I just... zone... out. I know he was straight, i know he wasn't nice to his co-stars in Singing In The Rain, i know he is dead. I don't care. Sorry, i just needed to get that off my chest and onto the internets.
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    I think some people—before we watched the movie—said they were big fans of Phil Silvers (I think I have that name right—I’m not familiar with him) and I don’t want to judge him based on this character, but I FUCKING HATED this “wacky” character, everything about him, from the stupid tractor shit down to the terrible music number. Having said that, even though the film wasn’t perfect, it was a good Thanksgiving choice. Both Judy Garland and Gene Kelly were great. Even if the story was somewhat rote, they totally redeemed it. His number with the piece of paper/squeaky board was awesome, as were others. Although The musical finale did seem insanely slapped-together (with Garland’s big number being the exception). And the ending of the movie felt totally rushed to wrap up—sister and fiancé together for no real reason! i also thought the “sometimes a woman needs a man to tell her what to do” shit was datedly funny. Oh, 1950!
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    This explains so much. When that final number happens I was thinking "Wow, they really dressed her kinda frumpy for this big reveal." I think this is because, and I might be wrong, I heard that they use to de-sexy her. She was popular from Wizard of Oz in which she was a innocent teen so to keep that image they'd have to hide her figure and that. I kinda assumed that's what was going on in the first half of this movie, now it's just kinda sad.
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    The show title is Fall in Love. I like to think the farm number came in after Gene fell in love with Judy because he said there better not be any hokum in his show. Yet there the song is. Hopefully it's meant to show that living on a farm became magical after falling in love with a farmer. Not sure how Get Happy fits in the Fall in Love "theme".
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    I screamed out loud "NO!! You monster!" . I was so upset I hid my face in my hands and peeked through my fingers. I physically felt pain at that.
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    Ha! What's with those feet? I mean naturally I too jumped to hobbit but is it suppose to be a slam on country folk. How or why? "So guys, I'm working on this new show. She my lady friend is from a farm and she said we can put on the show in her barn. Ain't that swell? Now here's the kicker, we make it farm themed as well! Won't those folks dig it. So the big act one closer will be me and another fellow dressed as two farmers and making horrible animals noises that attracts dogs. You see the country folk aren't talented singers like us city folk. For costumes I want the shabbiest hats you can find and patched up long johns and oversized ratty pants. Yes, that'll show them. Also don't forget to blank out some teeth because those bumpkins have bad dental hygiene and will eat that up. However, the most important thing is we have GIANT FEET! Take that you bumpkins!"
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    You might be one of the few who would enjoy the hell out of Xanadu.
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    So did anyone else read about Henry Ford's crazy white supremacist plot to make square dancing replace the evils of jazz? https://www.avclub.com/this-square-dancing-conspiracy-goes-deeper-than-you-thi-1821128344
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    I didn't watch Summer Stock. I watched Het Glukkig Dal.
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    Gene Kelly definitely explained the plot of the barnsical at one point, right? But the song and dance numbers on the day of the show seemed kind of random, no?
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    I was wondering the same thing! I was wondering if had the yokel thing already in mind before the farm or if it was written afterward. I also found it extremely difficult to imagine Harrison playing a hick hobbit.
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    So what kind of show exactly was it that Gene Kelly was trying to put on? It just seemed like random song and dance numbers with no unifying theme or anything. Some of them were farm related or themed but not all of them. Was this a kind of common show? I know it's the kind of thing the Ziegfeld Follies did but this seems almost too late for that. Maybe I'm wrong. Also, I find it odd they set up that big shot booking guy shows up to show only to never pay it off.
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    I agree with this. I can't speak to the Sgt. Bilko show but I love him in It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Licking his lips when hearing the money story is perfect. The beginning of this clip is what I'm talking about.
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    The Boys have a little fun welcoming the hosts of Spanish Aqui Presents (Raiza Licea, Carlos Santos, Oscar Montoya and Tony Rodríguez) to Earwolf.
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    Just thinking more about it, to me the best example in this movie of how Phil Silvers normally is was the cow milking scene. He tricks Gene Kelly into doing something for him and then is saucy to the cow.
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    You mean, the greatest musical ever made? 100%
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    I have an important question about the Transformers DVD guessing game. Do the ones given away at the live show count? Because I think at least 200 then. I also have a random question inspired by the "baby chairs" caller. I know Paul is a big fan of rides and Disney so maybe I should call in. But I would welcome forum input as well. How young is too young to bring a kid to Disney? We are having a disagreement in my family. I know some people bring infants and such, but is that a huge pain? My mom is insistent that a child has to be old enough to walk the entire time (no baby chairs) and old enough to remember.
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