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    Had to draw a quick Jeremy, because he's honestly the only one who matters.
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    Ringo here looks like you could drop him into Bob’s Burgers and he wouldn’t look out of place
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    I rewatched this last night and my roommate had a hard time getting through it, but I still love it lol Yeah, the stories is pretty mediocre, but the animation and bizarre creativity that went into it is really fun to me, maybe because I'm an artist lol. I'd say this definitely introduced me to a few of the lesser known songs too. Again there were originally two versions of this movie, as the US version had the "Hey, Bulldog" sequence cut. I originally saw it on VHS from a movie rental so I missed out on that. I finally got to see it when it was finally rereleased in full in 1999 and I think it's probably my favorite part now (and one of my favorite songs). The four-headed dog is pretty cute somehow. This also inspired me to reupload my old Yellow Submarine website, so here's that in mostly unedited embarrassment. Please don't share, it is not good. XD;
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    I thought it was interesting in the sense that it was played over scenes of London being very drab and uniform, a direct contrast to Pepperland and The Beatles house of whackiness. Almost like, if we let the Blue Meanies win, Pepperlan will become just as stuffy as London.
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    I always loved the animation but when I watched it last year or so for the first time as an adult, I was basically appalled at the voice actors who sounded so bored and uncharming, which is like the opposite of what Beatles should be
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    I'm gonna start with how this movie was actually my introduction to the Beatles as a child. So my aunt and uncle were babysitting me, my aunt being legitimately like 9 months pregnant (may not seem relevant but it is later). I do not remember how the conversation started but I believe they made a reference that I didn't get (I was only 9 years old at the time) and when they asked me if I had heard of the Beatles I shrugged and said no. Of course they were livid with my mom and sat me down on the couch and said that the first thing to do was watch Yellow Submarine. I was petty much hooked and delighted of course by the colors and the music, but the blue meanies genuinely did scare the shit out of me. Because my aunt was so pregnant my uncle continuously called her a blue meanie because one of them looked like this. After that they played the music in their house and I was properly introduced to the wonderful catalog of The Beatles, and I never looked back.
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    We all know that The Beatles were amazing musicians, but did you also know they were a bunch of dorks? We watched:
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    After Little Women was bizarrely shut out by the Globes, I'm glad it got lots of nominations here. And yes, I would have nominated Gerwig for director. Joker is going to age very poorly, mark my words. It's a surface-level impressive movie that doesn't have the depth people think. But given the awards season to date, I knew it would get a lot of nominations here. Meanwhile, the Documentary branch continues its trend of bizarrely leaving out some popular, critically-acclaimed doc because . . . reasons. (That would be Apollo 11 this year.)
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    I think some of the songs are maybe "b-sides" which I would just as a catchall term for "lesser known" but I wouldn't say that about Eleanor Rigby or All You Need is Love. Maybe I'm just naive since I think those songs are hits but if you think about it terms of their actual hits then yeah maybe they aren't the ones people expected to be thrown in a movie. Also is it just me or is Eleanor Rigby a really depressing way to start an animated movie?
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    I wouldn't call them B-Sides (as I like them all, especially "It's All Too Much"), but, yeah, the newer songs were basically, for The Beatles anyway, throwaways. What happened was the Beatles were under contract with United Artists to do three movies, but The Beatles didn't like Help! (Their second film) So in order to fulfill their obligation they were like, "Okay, do an animated movie, and we will give you a couple of songs," and to satisfy the stipulation that the actually "appeared" in the movie, they filmed the little coda at the end. I like all of the music in Yellow Submarine, but I think of it more as a musical security blanket than an actual film. The plot is pretty generic and the voice acting isn't fantastic. It's more about the images and the music washing over you. However, if you're not really into the Beatles, I can see it being kind of "meh."
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    Before we get too negative with everything I just want to say what a great year this is for South Korean cinema. Not only was last year the 100th anniversary of South Korean cinema but Parasite is the first South Korean movie nominated for best international picture (formly best foreign language film). Not only that but it is also the 12th foreign film to get the best picture nod as well. In addition Bong Joon Ho is the first South Korean to be nominated for best director as well. This is all a big win for a great movie as well. Personally, I would have liked to see some acting nods for it as well but that production design nomination is a good call.
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    Most of the soundtrack was either previously released hits, orchestra music by George Martin and a handful of songs that were recorded but unreleased. I want to say All Together Now or Hey Bulldog might have been recorded for the movie but maybe they weren't (not positive either way). The Beatles were not interested in doing the movie since they didn't like the Beatles cartoon show. So, they didn't do much of anything for this until they happened to watch the movie and liked it. That's the only reason the All Together Now sequence even exists.
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    This! I love the visuals of the film but the Beatles themselves just mostly felt dull and I think it was because there was no real emotion or anything to their delivery. Then you have the real Beatles at the end and in that short clip bring so much life to it all I was like "Where was this earlier?"
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    I love how in the movies, the Beatles always live together.
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    I did find it very funny that Ringo at the start of the movie was bemoaning how nothing exciting or interesting happens to him and then he goes to his house. In the house he's driving a car, giant things going from room to room, King Kong, etc. No wonder the streets of Liverpool are boring and nothing seems to happen if that's your house.
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    I just want to everyone to remember the OTHER Beatles cartoon. One that had, if possible, even more puns per line.
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    Honestly, Ringo was, for a long time, the most popular Beatle. He would get the most fan letters and the most screen time in ALL of the Beatles movies.* He gets a huge solo scene in A Hard Days Night, the plot of Help (such as it is) revolves around one of his rings, and even though it doesn't really have a story at all, Magical Mystery Tour is about him taking his Aunt on a bus tour. The only movie I'm not too sure about is Let it Be, but that's more of a documentary.
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    I would have never guessed that of all the Beatles Ringo would have gotten the most screen time. Probably because he had the most puns.
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    Yeah, I agree with that. The Peter Max-like artstyle isn't exactly the easiest on the eyes, though I find it fun. The characters, including The Beatles, aren't particularly cute in it. It does lend itself to the surreal settings at least. While watching last night I joked that the artists were asked to draw their nightmares lol The imagination does impress me though. I'd love to know more about the painting process for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". I think for me the Sea of Science's "Only a Northern Song" is the least interesting, visually and just... in general. Doesn't seem like there's much science to it lol
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    Yeah, I can’t imagine people without a predisposition toward either The Beatles or the artwork would appreciate Yellow Submarine very much. Again, I’m not really watching it for a plot or story. I like the music and the images and the weird faux-Beatle mutterings are like ASMR for me.
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    We know exactly the reasoning behind those crickets...
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    What always amazes me about The Beatles, as someone who wasn't alive when this was all happening, is just how much they changed in such a short period of time. I always tend to think of them in terms of Pre and Post Sgt Pepper, as if these are two separate epochs, when it all kind of happened all at once. Like, the oldest song in this movie is "Nowhere Man" which seems almost like baby Beatles with their matching haircuts, but it was only about three years old by the time Yellow Submarine came out.
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    Ah I haven't seen Harret yet so I genuinely had no idea. I wanted Awkwafina and JLo to get acting nominations this year, and they were both directed by women as well. In fact I'm FLOORED that The Farewell didn't receive A SINGLE FUCKING NOMINATION!
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